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There are three doshas (basic types of people, in terms of constitution) – vata, pitta and kapha. Korean haircut for girls with round face They are influenced by the rhythms of nature, seasonal change and the time of year Autumn is a time of change when leaves turn brown and dry; vata is highest in the autumn and early winter and at times of dry, cold and windy weather Pitta is highest in late spring, throughout the summer and during times of heat and humidity. Kapha is highest in the winter months and during early spring, when the weather is frequently still cold and damp.

In Ayurvedic theory, the progress of a disease goes through several stages. There is accumulation (when it is increasing), followed by aggravation (when it is at its highest point and can cause problems). There is also decrease (when it is lessening) and a neutral time when it is passive (neither decreasing nor increasing). Use the questionnaire later in this chapter to discover your dosha, and see whether it is vata, pitta or kapha. People who are single types can refer to the dosha that scores the highest points on their questionnaire. Dual doshic types should vary their lifestyle to suit the seasonal changes, as shown in the dual doshas section.

Yoga can be a very helpful way of balancing both the body and mind. After a few classes you are free to practise by yourself.

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