Kris Jenner

When your momager turns 60, you shell out $2 million. Or at least that’s what the Kardashians did on Nov. 6 for Kris Jenner’s over-the-top party with a Roaring Twenties theme. J ust what Fitzgerald intended!

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Being the eldest of the girls, she opened up to me a lot during that difficult period, and I think we’ll always have a special bond because of that. I have vivid memories of her studying at the kitchen table after a long shift at the hospital, falling asleep on her books. I would wake up for school in the morning and she would still be at the table. She always had time for us kids, and always did her best to provide a happy home for us. I realise even more now as a busy mother myself, with only two kids not five, how hard it must have been for her. IN MUM’S WORDS From the day Makaia was born, she smiled. It is her smile that makes her so attractive you’re drawn to her face before you have had a chance to see the rest of her. Makaia is name is a family name from my mother is side. When she was little it was shortened to Maki, because she was such a mucky eater! Makaia always loved people, and they her neighbours, friends, teachers. She was and still is charming.

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