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A very Kylie Xmas

If anyone doubted that Kylie Minogue and her 27-year-old toyboy Joshua Sasse were going to last, here’s conclusive proof they’re serious – not only are they joined at the hip on her promo trip to Paris, but he appears in her new music video! Yep, Josh has a starring role in the 47-year-old’s clip for Every Day’s Like Christmas, which depicts a festive bash with friends and family He even takes one for the team and dons a garish Chrimbo jumper It must be love!

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I felt the mad world we lived in was going madder, I lay back and we all laughed out loud together. The Chinese steward walked past, stepping over us, looking puzzled. What we had between us was a bond; an unbreakable bond, camaraderie. A mutual feeling that would hold for life: if we met in 40 years time it would still be there and we would know each other again in an instant. Most people never experience camaraderie. Many try to produce it or reproduce it in clubs and groups and societies, but it is generally too contrived to work. A rugby club brings men together and instils a certain amount of espirit de corps, a City drinking den excludes those who do not operate within the pressures of the business world, a boozing and fishing weekend is fine too, and a club where men meet every week to talk and drink and agree to do foolish things for charity is admirable. But true camaraderie is given birth out of young men living together and growing up in extreme environment. John and Barry and I worked together, four times as hard as most people in conditions that would never be tolerated in mainstream society. We lived together, ate together, we worked when we were ill because we were not allowed to be sick, we played together, explored strange and dangerous parts of the world together, got drunk together, rescued each other, fought for each other, spent our money on each other, used each other’s possessions, wore each other’s clothes.

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