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Beauty trends come and go. These days, it is all about the dark lip and thick, defined brows ala Cara Delevingne – this is hailed from the west. We see dark berry lips and thick brows on the runway and on the streets. But with the K Beauty making its way into the international scene, the Asian beauty trends are paving new ways to how we plan our beauty rituals. Also, with the beautiful, dewy skin we see on Korean actresses, it is no secret that they know what they are doing. Unlike our usual cleanse tone-moisturise’ ritual, they have managed to up their game by using a maximum of 17 products a day. To excite the market, beauty companies are coming up with products that are becoming the next beauty must haves!

The heart of Korean skincare routine the face essence is a concentrated formula that specifically targets problematic areas such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dull and uneven skin tones. Not tobe confused with a serum, the essences are infused with antioxidants and active ingredients that optimise the skins natural cell turnover rate. It also lias a smaller molecular structure than a serum or cream that treats the skin on a cellular level and helps the skin absorb the nutrients instantly. With regular use, the skin appears smoother and brighter.

A mask commonly made from cloth or paper that is saturated with skin loving ingredients, sheet masks deliver an instant result that brightens, softens and firms the skin. Used as an add on to complement your beauty routine, it adds hydration for dewy, luminous skin. These days, it comes with lace and animal designs making it perfect for selfies-. There are now masks for lips to make sure that you have kissable lips all year round. Not forgetting your fingers that have gone I h rough all the wear and tear, those ‘tots’ too, need a little TLC.

Givingone the coquettishly innocent look (which is surprisingly flattering), the gradient lips have been making its rounds on the big screen and many are replicati ng the look. The gradient lip, also known as the ‘just sucked -on -a cherry popsicle’ lip, is like a soft bloom of colour that starts from the center of the mouth. This gradient lip look gives one a youthful look that emphasizes the eyes.

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