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You are the icing on my cake, you are the smile I can’t. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. I’m CGH#. Today we’re going to show you a shorty do that we’re calling the dutch lace headband, which is a very beautiful variation of a braided headband. So you’re going to love it. But first, we have two very exciting pieces of information for you. Number one, we actually won the POPSUGAR Circle of Moms vote off. So thank you, thank you, thank you to the , of you that voted for us. We are so grateful for that. And number two, the twins have actually officially uploaded their first post today. And their YouTube blog name is BrooklynAndBailey all smooshed together. So in their post, they tell you how to distinguish between them. So if you ever wondered which one’s Brooklyn and which one is Bailey, you can now figured out. We will link to their blog in our description box below. Go make sure you check it out and comment. So we are going to start her hair. We’ve already put some curl into it.

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You can see she’s got some curlies. And you can see that her hair is just past her shoulders, so it’s not very long. And we used the reverse NuMe wand. If you don’t know what a reverse is, it starts skinny and gets its wider to do the curls. I love that wand on short hair because it gives such a I don’t know, it gives such a great texture to really short hair. Now then we’re going to part the hair. So take your rat tooth comb or regular comb and tip them sideways. And I’m going to go from about ear to ear. You can do it up closer to the forehead or back farther. Either way this is just where I prefer it. You’re just going to put the part. And then once you have it parted off, take an elastic and just kind of pull all that back hair out of the way. I’m just going to add a rubber band right here to just hold it out of the way. Now I’m going to have her tip her head to the side. You can see our part line right here. And I try to run the braid as close to the part line as possible. So I’m going to tip, tip, tip. Thank you. Pick up the section of hair right here next to her ear, dived it into three pieces. And remember, we’re doing a dutch braid, so your middle piece is going over your outside edge pieces. But you’re only going to pick up hair from the front, which is what makes it a lace braid. So you can see I’m picking up hair and adding it in right there. But I’m not adding hair into the back at all, only to the front. And we’re just going to continue down the front of her hair. And like I said before, you can run the braid up closer to her forehead if you want. I like to accent the lace part of it by pulling it back further, because then you can really see the stranding coming in. Which I think makes it look really different, it’s a great variation. You can see I’m just still only adding hair to that front piece, the front side. And if you’re like her, she’s got little babies, don’t worry about them. Little baby hairs.

Can you tip you head up a little bit please. Thank you. And we’re just going to keep braiding like this. You can see I love the fact that you can just really see the stranding inter playing into the braid. We’re going to go down until we pick up the last little bit. Try to keep it tight right here. It has a tendency to kind of pull away from the head, then you get this little poof right here on the braid. So just try to make sure you give it a little extra tug right there. Now there’s two options. Number one is you can continue just a regular braid at this point all the way down and secure it with an elastic. So if I went all the way down and then did an elastic. And then it would just hang in her hair, a nice braid accent. Or you can go ahead and take a bobby pin, and right behind the ear just cross two bobby pins like this. And hold that hair securely. Now for littler kids, the elastic might be a better option if you’re worried about them playing at recess or doing other outside activities. For a little bit older person, you could do this. And then it just hides like this securely behind her ear. And it has more of just a headband effect. I’m going to leave it like this. And then what I’m going to go back to just add a little tiny more pizzazz, I’m just going to go back and just slightly pull don’t pull the bobby pins out on the edges, just to give it a little bit more fluff to the braid. You guys know I call this pancaking.

OK, tip your head down just a minute for me. Thank you. This just makes the braid. It gives the illusion that the braid and the hair is thicker than it really is. And makes the braid stand out more, which makes it more noticeable. And then you can go and loosen the front pieces if you want. And there you have the dutch lace headband. Let me give you a spin so you guys can see how beautimus it looks. Tell them what my favorite things about you are. My nose and my freckles. Yes. When she was born, she had the sweetest, tiniest, little baby nose that I just instantly fell in love with. And the little bit older she gets, the more little spattering of freckles she gets across her cheeks. And she’s the only one in our family that has freckles, huh? Yep. So I just adore them about her. So we hope you guys have enjoyed this post. And don’t forget to check out the YouTube blog BrooklynAndBailey. We’ll link in to it in the description below. They’re really nervous about getting commentrs, so please go over and show them some love. Check out their post. We hope you enjoy, and we will see you guys later. Bye. I’m going to get ‘em. I’m gonna get ‘em. I’m going to get ‘em. That tickles. You want me to get your tickles? You are beautiful.

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