Lace Braid Heart Valentines Day Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And we are excited to welcome you to our new filming Studio. We’ve kind of outgrown the bathroom and the girls sitting on the counter. And so I hauled in my best friend Jenny from Show Me Cute, also on YouTube. So if you haven’t checked her out, check out our great blog. And she helped me do all the decor in here and come up with the paint and has literally just been working tirelessly with me all weekend. And we’ve also been crafting. Look at these adorable socks with the little lace on the top. And we are actually going to show you how to do this on a post on Show Me Cute. So check it out. It’s adorable. OK, so for my post today, we’re going to film a heart hairdo. And we’re calling it lace braid heart. It’s a really, really cute one. And I’m sure you’re going to love it. I’ll show you this side so you know what we’re headed for. So this is one half of the heart. You see, it’ll be pulled over when we’re done. And you like my new swivel chairs? See how cool it is. We’re going to start. You can see where this part line is in the back. I’m going to mimic the part line only on the opposite side.

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And I started by parting her hair right down the middle and suctioning into two halves, equal parts. OK, so I’m just going to I’ll show you in a minute mimic the part line. And pick up a little section of hair. OK, and then we’re going to start by starting our braid, three parts. And I’m going to do an outie braid. And remember, this is a lace braid, so we’re only going to pick up strands on this side of her hair, not the left side. So I’m going to pick up a strand and add it in. And then go to the other side, and skip adding any hair in there. Pick up a strand. Add it in. Do not add any on the other side. Pick up a strand. Add it in. Do not add in there. OK, so when you get tip down just a little bit for me when you get about three bumps up, then I’m going to start going towards me, instead of forward on her head.

This is what’s going to give you that nice, pretty, round, curved heart shape. And we’re just going to continue the same lace braid. Just so you know, I have a lot more detail lace braid post. And I will put a link in this post to that one. So if you aren’t familiar with this technique, go to that one to learn it first. And you can see where I’m forming the shape of the heart. Pick up that last bit. And we’re going to just continue to only add in on this side. And when I get to the top of her ear right here, I’m going to start adding in all together, and roll it into a regular braid. Braid down the strand. OK, now I have her other half of the hair. I’ll turn her a little more so you can see. I had it pulled out just so that it was out of the way. I’m just going to secure it now. And grab the ends. Pull them together. Slide that one out. And then rubber band them together. Sorry, babe. We’ll brush those ends out. OK, now tip back so they can see. We have the beautiful heart shape on her head. There you go. I think that your teachers and friends and everyone you know will just freak out when they see this heart on your head for Valentine’s Day. I hope you guys enjoy it. And we’ll talk to you later.

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