Lace Braid into Soft Ponytails Hairstyles

Hey! So spring if finally arriving. The grass is starting to get green and my baby is getting a little older which means I can start filming hairdos again. And I even went this morning and got my toes done for the first time this season. Check them out. Yay! Always so fun to have nice toes. This hairdo this morning is called the lace braid into soft ponies. You may have seen this on “The Bachelor.” Michelle Money wore it a couple times. It’s the braid across the forehead. You’ll recognize it when I get it done. So the way to begin this hairdo is to part. And I part you can part on either side of the head. But I kind of do a deep part, which means to me like parting closer to the ear. So instead of like a middle of the head part it’s way over here by her ear. And then I have parted all the way across her head and over to her opposite ear. You can see her. Say hi. Hi. Yeah her hair is going to hang in her face for a minute. So turn around for me, babe. You can do this yourself, the French braid, or you can do it to your daughters or friend or whatever. But you begin by doing a French braid, just parting into three sections.

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She’s got some baby hairs so we’re probably going to have them falling out here and there. And what makes this a lace braid is that we are not going to add hair in on this top piece. Normally you’d add hair right there. We’re not going to. We’re going to bring it back into the braid and we’re only going to add hair on the top. So again, no adding there. And add in right there. And we’re just going to do a French braid. And it’s going to angle down across the front of her forehead. And we’re going to aim for the end of her other eyebrow. Her opposite eyebrow is kind of the goal of where to hit. So just kind of keep that in mind as you’re braiding, know where that other eyebrow is. OK, you can see her eyebrow right there, kind of what I’m aiming for. OK, now when you get to this part of the hair the trick is, I have found, to make sure you pull it tight enough. Like you want it pretty close to the head. You don’t want it hanging into her face. I’ve got to pull that down.

And last. OK, you can see how I haven’t just let them go crazy wide right there. And then I’m just going to finish it off with a braid. OK. Now when we get the braid mostly done, secure it a little bit. You can put an elastic in or you can just have her hold it, either one. OK, now flip back around for me, sweetie. OK, you can do a harsh part like a make a dramatic part and pull it two ponytails, but I’m actually going to do a little bit of a soft part. I think it looks a little more grown up and it’s a little more popular right now. I’m going to add a little fluff by just doing a little tiny bit of rat right there in the crown, just to give it a little dimension. So soft part means you just kind of finger part it. You don’t want to be able to see this harsh part line. Pull it over to the side. Elastic. Just do a soft ponytail right there. And repeat on this side. Notice I’m not really using a comb, just kind of soft finger combing. You can straighten the ends or curl the ends or braid the ends, fishtail the ends. Oops, I don’t like that one. Turn this was towards me just a smidge. That’s better. Thank you. And then turn all the way around turns me now. I’m just going to brush these. I have these cute little clips from a company called Gimme. You can find them in Walgreens or Target often. I just put little poof balls on her hair. Now she has some baby hairs right here. I’m just going to spritz and then what I’ll do is just softly kind of tuck, try to tuck those baby hairs so they’re out of the way. There you go.

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