Lace Braid Twists into Ponytail Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from Cute Girls’ Hair Styles. And I’m here today with Bailey. Hi. And I wanted to just to let you guys know how great and amazing you made my birthday. I loved all the extra special comments and the posts you sent me. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Big hugs through the camera. Big kisses. Let’s do some hair. We’re going to show you today how to do a lace braid into a twisted ponytail. You start by parting the hair in the middle. And then I’m just going to pick up a section here. And we’re going to be doing a regular French braid and making an interlaced braid. So don’t do the Dutch version where the hair pops out.

Lace Braid Twists into Ponytail Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So we’re going to just start by beginning our French braid. And you know that in a lace braid, you only pick up hair from one section. And I’m going to add hair into the section on the right. So right by her ears. So I’m going to add hair there, but I’m not adding hair into that top strand. And we’re just going to continue to do this all the way down her head. Now, one of the great things about this hairstyle is that it’s great if it’s on dry hair or wet hair. Or you can see that Bailey has layers and bangs, and it will work just fine on her hair, even. So it’s a really good complementary hairdo to many types of hair. You could even do this on curly hair, and it would look fantastic, too. So you can see we’re creating the lace braid. We’re going to just continue to wrap it around her head. And when we get to about right here, I’m going to quit braiding. And I’ll show you why. So a lace braid wants to fall forward like this. And we want it to lay nice and flat against her head and be extra-cute. So at this point I’m going to stop braiding. You can see I’ve got the braid right here. And I’m going to start adding in hair and twisting, instead. And I’m going to be twisting towards the center of her hair. And I’m going to just keep adding a few extra pieces until I feel like it’s about halfway through. Like about halfway down her part line. I think we’re just about there. So I’m going to leave the rest of that for the other braid.

Now, I’m going to just twist this. Just hold it and secure it in place. And you can hold it with an elastic or a clip. Just for ease, I’m going to her hang onto it. Now, I’m going to repeat the same thing on this side of her head. So again, I’m going to pick up a section of hair and begin a lace braid. We’re only going to pick up here on this side, which this time is the left side or, again, the side above her ear. Continue the braid all the way down. OK. Now, again, when we get to about this point, we want to start twisting the hair instead of braiding it. So, again, I’m going to take a piece of hair, and I’m just going to twist it right into the braid. I’m going to pick up another little section of hair and twist it in. And twist it until we have a nice little twist at the bottom. Hold me, please. Thank you.

Now, I’m going to take the two pieces. You can see we have them twisted. And I’m just going to secure them with an elastic at the end, a little tiny bit lower than I normally would. I think this just helps show off the little twisted ends, which I felt like. Secure it with an elastic. And then I’m going to go back, and just where these pieces pull in, I’m just going loosen them up a little bit, because I want that accented that we pulled the hair in. I just think it adds a little bit of fun pop. Just give them a tug. And finish it off with an adorable ribbon or bow. And you are set. I think it looks adorable. OK. Let’s spin her. So you can see the cute lace braids. The cute bow. All the way around. And we’re finished. So you guys are actually extremely lucky today, because you’re going to get two posts instead of one from CGH. So many of you were asking what happened to CGH’s hair in the bedroom tour that Show Me Cute did on their blog of CGH, because she had really crazy curly red hair. Well, we were experimenting. And we were practicing for a Merida post for Disney Style Channel. So you can check out that post over here. I think you’re really going to love it. It’s a no-heat straw curl tutorial. So we did a bunch of curls using straws, which was amazing. They turned out great. So make sure you check it out. And we will see you guys next week. Bye. See you later. Sectioned off. You can see how this bottom row. So I lifted everything else up, and held it out of the way. And then did the straw curls on this part. Did you get it? It’s hard. How many straws?.

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