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Hey everyone! I’m Abby from LA and I’m here with Bailey. Hi Guys! And today we’re going to show you how to do a Lace Rolled Updo. Now I really like this updo because it’s pretty quick when you have this little trick that we’re going to show you which speed things up, and I love a quick hairdo, especially an updo when you’re on your way to Prom, or Homecoming, or any of those dances Yeah, this one’s definitely very pretty, you could wear it for any formal activity that you want to go to. I like it a lot, so let’s get started! Now, to begin, we’re going to just part her hair slightly to one side She didn’t want a straight middle part for this, and then we’ve already done one Lace Braid on this side. You can see it right there there. And I’m going to just repeat that on this side. OK now, to begin, I’m going to just pick up a section right at the top, and divide it into three pieces I’m going to be doing a French Braid only we are going to be doing a Lace Braid, which means we pick up hair on this outside edge only.

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And we’re going to just work our way down Kind of over her ear, and then we’re going to stop. You guys have seen me do this a ton of times. If you are not familiar with the Lace Braid, I’ll put a link in the description box below, where you can find a specific Lace Braid tutorial. Now when you get down here by the ear. i’m going to take maybe just one more piece Make sure I did match it on this side. Maybe one more and then I’m going to stop adding in hair. So you can see it right here, and if this is rolling like this, don’t worry about that right now, Because, we’ll take care of that in just a minute. All you need to worry about right now is just the braid itself. And you can see Bailey has I’m always having people ask about working with layers Bailey has lots of layers in her hair, and we just make them work, huh, Bailey? Yes. We just try to keep them tucked in, or if they pop out like that, we deal with them when we’re done, and we just use a bobby pin Then you are going to finish it into a braid, and secure it with an elastic. OK, now, when I am done with that, I like to go back and just pancake this very top edge to right here. And then when I get to the regular braid, I’m going to pancake all the way down. Ok, when you’re all done, you’re going to end up with this really pretty pancaked braid. And, like I said, if it is flipping like this, no worries at this point Because, we’ll just lay it flat against the head in just a minute.

Now we’re going to take the rest of her hair that we kind of have just falling in the back And. brush it smooth And I’m going to take this, this is a bun maker, you can get these at Walmart or Target or even online. This is a Sarah Potempa one. You can just put your hair through it. like this give it a little squeeze to hold the hair in flip it up and then just roll and then you are going to bend it down like this, on both sides, and then under and its gonna give you that nice full look up like almost like you manually rolled all the hair up and pinned it, but you didn’t. So it’s much faster. Then what you are going to do is take the braids and you’re going to lay them over the top of that part of her hair so you can cross them, and pin them any way you like and I’m just going to take this piece and bend it underneath, to sort of hide it. And this will depend on the length of your hair. Bailey’s is obviously a little bit longer. and you are going to just pin. But if you have shorter hair, you may not have to roll and fold that in half and pin it at all, it may just be the perfect length. I’m going to do the same thing with this piece, and when you get up here, I’ll show you what I am going to do here, so that it just lays flat I’m just going to take a small bobby pin and just grab the very edge of one of those pieces, and secure it down in there. And that will just help keep the hair laying flat right there.

And again I’m just going to take that and fold it under. We don’t want the ends to show at all, and we don’t really want the fold to show. So you can see when I have this fold right here I’m just going to actually take it, and kind of just tuck it right under there. So that you don’t really see that folded part of the braid. And then just bobby pin everything into place. And any little issues you’re having with layers, this is when you can bobby pin those, too. Let’s see where you. it looks like it’s not secure right in here. And the trick to pinning, bobby pinning, is to just take little tiny pieces. Like just grab the edge. Ok, and you’re just going to pin it until you like it. I’m going to try to hide that one little layer right there that wants to pop out. Until you like it. Then I’m just going to go back, because I don’t like the edge of the roll right there. So, I’m just going to kind of go and pull the edge of that braid down, and just make it look like it’s going to blend in just a little bit better than it is right now. You can do that with a bobby pin, as well. And this is all about just tweaking everything to the way you want it to look and what’s working on your hair and when you get it all finished, then you have this gorgeous braided updo, that looks so fun!

It looks a lot harder than it really was, which is the whole point. Ok, final spin. here we have it! Sings Kamri wore this and got a ton of compliments and I think it really is so pretty! It’s very pretty! It’s a good hairstyle for like Prom or Homecoming, or stuff like that. Just anything, I’d wear it to church! I would wear it to church! But to me, it looks like one of those where you could dress up or dress down, just depending on what you want to wear. Don’t forget that you guys can find us on Facebook, it is LA over there, as well as here, we’ll put a link in the description box below or a link here, you can check it out, and we’ll see you guys next Sunday! Bye, guys! LA Bonus post this Wednesday night! Hint: Hairstyle & Disney Click here to comment! Click to watch our No-Heat Paper Towel Curls tutorial. Thank you, from LA!. hope to see over there and we will see you guys oh yeah, we’ll put the link down below for Facebook. And in the description box! That is down below. Oh. well right here, and in the description box. This is the description box! Laughs No, because. OK! Well put it down there.

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