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Hey everyone. I’m Abby with Hairstyles. And today we’re here with Brooklyn. And we are going to teach you how to do the lace-up braid, not to be mistaken with the lace braid, because they’re totally different. So we started by pulling all of her hair over to one side. And you can see that I just went ahead and left some wispies on the side of her face, because now that she’s a little older, she likes to have a more feminine, soft look, right? Yeah. A little bit more teenager-ish. So we’re going to take the hair and divide it into two sections, pretty much even. And then I’m going to off of one of those sections just grab, like, a one-inch piece of hair. It doesn’t have to be a ton, just right in the middle. Now just for convenience, I’m going to go ahead and put an elastic really loosely around this one, and this middle piece as well.

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Add that into that, actually. OK, and then we are going to work with the back section to begin with. So we’re going to take this back section. And we’re just going to do a very will you just hang hold that away a very basic, three-strand braid, pretty simple. I’m going to do the inverted version, which means the middle piece comes out and over the edges, but it really doesn’t matter. You can do it either way. And you can see I’m just doing a very basic braid pretty simple. This is a great hair style to do on yourself. You guys are going to love me for this one, because it’s really, really simple. When you get to the end, I’m just going to secure it with another elastic or a rubber band, just to keep it secure for now. And I’m going to go back to this front piece, and do the same thing. Just going to make sure I have the hair I wanted, and do a three-strand, inverted braid nothing too fancy or complicated. You can see I don’t do it too tight against her head, because I want it to be soft, and look kind of like a summer-y beach, like a really fun braid. Again, when you get to the end, just go ahead and put that rubber band back into the end of it.

We’re going to pull both of those out in a minute. So it doesn’t matter too much. OK, now this third piece is what we’re going to use as our lacing strand. So what we want to do is take these two pieces and combine them together. But obviously, we can’t do that without this piece in the middle. So I’m going to take my index finger and my thumb. I’m just going to put it right through. I’m going to grab that middle strand. I’m going to go back over to this side, and again, same thing just pull out one of the edges, stick my index finger and my thumb through. And you can see I’m just going to work my way down the two braids. You can see I’m going from the front towards the back of her braid, and then releasing them together. Kind of like it feels like I’m lacing up a corset on something. You can see I’m just going to go down the braid. You’re going to run out of hair eventually, so I’m going to skip two bumps on this one, or skip one bump and go to the second, just so we make sure we get it laced all the way down as far as we can maybe one more on this one. You’re obviously going to run out of hair. Oh, I’ve got one more, just enough.

The end gets a little bit trickier, just because the braid’s a little tighter. Now when you get to the end, remove all of these rubber bands that we had. This time, I’m going to take a little elastic that matches her hair, so it just kind of fades and blends in. Put that in instead, because it’s less obvious. And we have this great braid that looks like this super-complicated, seven-strand something or other. And we’re going to just go back and pull those edges, because we want it to look really soft, full. And voila we have us this really cool braid. I love it. And then you can just go to the front of her face. If you have any hairs that have fallen out over on this side, you can curl them, or just loosen where you need to, to your liking. And there you have it. What do you think? Feels pretty cute. I think it’s so easy. You guys are going to love it. Let’s spin it. You can see the finished look just a really soft side braid. And then you can curl any pieces that you have coming out, if you’d like. And you’re set to go. Be sure to check us out on Instagram. You can find my Instagram at LA. You can find Brooklyn and Bailey’s at Brooklyn and Bailey. And you can follow all of our summertime adventures, and other family adventures on there. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye bye. See you.

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