Laced Fishtail Tieback Surprise Visitor Short Hairstyles

Hey everyone! I’m Abby from LA, and today I am here with Rylan! “Hi guys!” And we’re going to show you how to do a Lace Fishtail Tieback. Now this one’s great because it’s good on short hair, which you can obviously see Rylan has, But it’s also fantastic for long, so it’s very multi-purpose. My, uh, sister-in-law had a daughter last week that. a friend cut her hair, so she had to get this cute little bob, so I decided I needed to put up some more short hairstyles for her. So were going to do that today! Lets get going! Now to begin, I’ve parted her hair just slightly off to one side, and I’ve gone ahead and, just, um, using a straightener, I’ve just flipped her hair out a little, to give it a little bit, of like, a little bit of a pop, and to accent the layers in the back. So, to begin, what you’re going to do is pick up a section of hair right here in the front, and you’re going to divide it in half. And this is where we’re going to start our fishtail, Get them divided evenly.

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Now, a fishtail, you take a little tiny section from one edge, and cross it over, and add it into the opposite section, and then you grab a piece from that outside edge, and cross it over, and add it into the right section. So it’s just a series of crossing hair back and forth. But what I’m going to do, is I’m going to start by picking up hair, just on this bottom, and I’m going to pick up a little more hair from this section, and then cross it over. So it kind of makes it a French Fishtail, right here. So I’m going to pick up some section of hair, on the top, then I’m going to grab a little from our big piece, and cross it over, and into the opposite section. I’m going to continue to do this, so just grabbing those hairs and crossing them over, pick up hair, pick up a little section, and then cross it over, and pick up hair, grab some from the section, and cross it over. Pick up hair, grab a little from the section, cross it over. And, I’m maybe going to do one more little piece right here, and cross it over. And then I’m going to stop picking up hair on the bottom. So, I’m going to just only do it on the top, which is why I am calling this a Lace Fishtail. So from this point on, I’m not adding hair in on the bottom, I’m just going to grab that outside section, and cross it over, but I am still adding hair from the top section on this opposite side.

So don’t add any hair in here. Just grab a little section and cross it over, But add hair on this side. And the reason we did this, just so you guys know, is because this, using this hair right here, helps us anchor that braid so it doesn’t pull back up into the part line, so it lays nice and pretty against her head. So we’ve just kind of done a little bit of both right there. I’m going to continue this, and we’re just going to work our way around the back of her hair, as we go along. Remember the smaller the pieces you pick up, the more fishtail effect it will have, and the bigger the pieces you use, will have more of a braid effect. So, it depends on what look you are going for. But, of course, picking up less hair takes a little more time. These fishtails can take some time if you are doing really, really small pieces. When you get to the back, back in here, I’m just going to keep trying to pick up hair, and I’m going to just keep doing that, literally until I almost can’t with her hair anymore. Because we really do hit a point on her, where she just runs out of hair. It’s just too short to work with. We are just about there. And, one more.

And then I’m going to just take those ends and combine them together, and secure them with an elastic for right now. So that I know they are not going to fall out of place. And I’m going to repeat all of this on the opposite side. Ok, now, when you’re done, and this will vary a little bit depending on the length of your hair, Hers is pretty short, so we don’t get a lot of drop right here, in her hair, So what I’m going to do is just continue this fishtail a little bit farther, just to give us a couple extra stitches to work with. And, then, you really just, kind of, have to try to bring the ends together, and try to keep this part flat. And if it puffs up, which sometimes it does if you have really short hair like Rylan. Don’t panic, because you could always hide it a little bit. So, you can see that I’ve added just a couple extra stitches, and I’m going to grab this one, and I’m going to try to just make sure that this little section right here is laying pretty flat, and then I’m going to secure it all together with another elastic. And then you can kind of pull it apart, and loosen it a little bit, and relax it.

Now, for me, like, this isn’t really super pretty, so what I like to do is just take a little bow, and pop over the top of it, and that will hide any of that, that you dislike, and then what I do to add a little, even extra accent, is I go back and pull, on these outside edges of this bottom part of the fishtail. So, basically, we’re pancaking the fishtail. Right through there, and you are finished! So while we were filming, Brooklyn just came upstairs and they found this little, tiny bunny in the pool, and she rescued the bunny, and brought him up for us to look at, and pet. So look how cute he is! Look at the bunny! Awwww! Look at his ears! They are so tiny! He’s just little bitty! So lets do the final spin! I love this! I think its really cute, and it will work great on short hair, or long hair, either one. So it’s the perfect hairstyle for everybody! So give us a “Thumbs Up”, you can find the button down here. If you love short hairstyles, or hairstyles that will work for both, short and long hair, “No! Give us a Thumbs Up if you like bunnies!” Give us a Thumbs Up if you are glad we SAVED the bunny! Out of our little pool! We will see you guys next Sunday! Bye guys! “Bye!” Click here to comment! Click above to watch our Chain Link Braid tutorial! Thank you, from LA! “Gasp!” “It was in the pool” Its a wild bunny. “But its so cute!” Awww, hi bunny! Look Braidy! You’re going to scare the bunny! Look can you smell him? “Don’t eat it!” No, he won’t eat it. “Don’t let him scare the bunny” Shhhhh. Alright, “Awww it so cute!” “I love it, its so cute! Singing I love the poor little cute bunny, its so cute!”.

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