Stacey couldn’t r bear to lose Martin’

Kat turns up (ooh!) and announces Alfie and the kids are still in Spain, only for them to arrive in Walford later that day.

Mick has a moral dilemma over Goosey the, er, goose. Cue amusing scenes with Mick in the allotment.

Dot decides to scatter

Jim’s ashes in the Square, and says an emotional goodbye to him with Sonia and Patrick.


After Kim and Sharon build bridges between their warring families, the feud between Vincent and Phil takes a violent turn.

As Bobby’s behaviour gets even worse,

Sharon tells Jane she’s going to tell the truth about who killed Lucy.

Kush and Stacey have both been put off telling their other halves who the daddy of her baby really is (well, you would.). Tensions are already running high between Shabnam and Stace, causing the usually BFFs to have a blazing barney – and that’s before the woeful secret is out. Then, on Christmas Eve, Stacey gets sent home from hospital after some false-alarm twinges and insists on going to see Lily in her nativity play. Cue much drama when she goes into labour and gives birth there and then!


On New Year’s Day, Linda finally gets the wedding she’s been dreaming of to childhood sweetheart Mick

– or does she? With the whole of the Carter clan now knowing the truth about him, Dean’s on a mission to seek revenge – and the day ends in one almighty bust-up between him, Mick and Shirley. Wouldn’t be a proper ‘Enders wedding without a fight now, would it?

We know the father of Stacey’s baby is Kush not Martin, but will the truth be revealed? Actress Lacey Turner gives us a few clues… Does Stacey think it’s right to tell Martin the truth?

Although deep down she knows it’s wrong to lie to Martin, she can’t bear the thought of losing him.

How do you think Shabnam will react?

Kush and Stacey never set out to hurt anyone; it was one drunken night. They should have told Shabnam then, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Do you think Martin is a bit suspicious?

No, I don’t think he has any suspicions at all. That’s what makes this so sad, Stacey really loves Martin and the thought of having a happy family with him is all she wants.

What can you tell us about the birth scene?

Well, she should be putting her feet up, but Stacey doesn’t want to miss Lily’s big moment in the nativity.

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