Ladder Braid Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. Today I’m here with my daughter and we’re going to show you how to do a ladder braid on a side ponytail. So we’re going to just go ahead and jump right into it. We have swooped all of her hair over to the side she likes to wear her ponytails on and I have reached underneath and pulled just a little section of hair right next to the nape of the neck and that’s what we’re going to work with to begin with. So I’m just going to use an elastic to kind of keep this hair out of our way for the time being. Now, when you are dealing with this section you want to just divide it into three pieces and go ahead and start a braid like you would just a normal braid. And now the only difference is when you get over to this outside piece right here, you’re just going to pull off a little tiny sliver of hair and leave it sitting to the side and then continue the braid as usual. And again, when you get to this outside piece, leave a little tiny sliver of hair, set it to the side, and continue the braid, and so on and so forth, all the way down. And it doesn’t require a ton of hair.

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In fact, if you take off too much hair, you’ll run out of hair so just a little sliver is all you need. We’re going to just go all the way down the hair strands. This, what we’re forming right now, is called a feather braid. Why is it called a feather braid? It’s called a feather braid because when we are done, I’ll show you, but it sort of ends up looking like a feather. It’s pretty cool. But there you go, you learned a second braid in this post. OK, when you get to the ends just kind of finish it off as a normal braid and secure it with an elastic. And I will show you you can see that we now have these pieces of hair hanging out the braid and you can sort of see the shape of a feather in there. That’s why it’s the feather braid. OK, now the rest of their we’re going to undo and let it just fall. And again, we’re going to reach back behind, and I’m actuallt this is kind of strange, but I’m actually just going to have her hold it. If you’re doing it on your own hair, then you can just stick in your teeth, too. But by holding it up, it holds those pieces so that they’re falling down, which make them a little easier for me to find. So grab another piece of hair, about the same width as the original one, and go ahead and start braiding it. And we’re going to just braid it like a normal braid. We’re going to get just a little ways down and then we’re going to reach back in here and we’re going to pick up that first strand of the feather, that little sliver, and we’re going to add it into that middle piece of our braid. So again, we’re going to just reach and tug that over and pull.

You can see him reaching, pulling it towards the middle, and I’m just going to try to keep it about an inch and a half, two inches wide. Just kind of pull and kind of eyeball it. Keep doing that. And you can see why this is now looking like a ladder, which is why we call it a ladder braid. OK, and when you get to the end of that, again, take an elastic and secure that side. OK, now this would just look kind of funny to leave your hair hanging like that, so this next trick is how we finish it all off. We take our fingers, reach in between that last little rungs of the ladder, and just pull, very gently, the remainder of your hair through that last little one. Now, because I don’t love the way this looks with just the two elastics hanging there, what I’m going to do is just remove them. That one doesn’t want to come out. And secure it all together right here at the bottom. And then just let it lay loose. And what you have in the end is this fun ponytail that has these little hair rungs that kind of criss-cross and look like a ladder. And they’re very cool and it’s really different and fun. So I’ll let you see. You can see from the back it just looks like a side flipped ponytail, and then when you turn around to the front, where that lays over your shoulder, you get this really fun effect that’s very unusual and different and lots of people, I’m sure, will comment on it. So I hope you guys enjoy. Make sure to check us out on Twitter @CuteGirlHair. And if you love these posts, make sure and comment to our blog so that you don’t miss anymore and we will see you guys next time. See ya. Bye-bye. So here we are. Daddy’s taking the girls shopping and look what number three picked out. Nice. I didn’t pick it out. Yes, you did. No, I didn’t Look at this outfit she’s got on. Put the shirt up. Loving the hat, though. I didn’t pick this out. You guys are looking pretty darn cool. Yeah. I’m pimping it out. You’re pimping it out there, sweetie. You’re looking pretty cool.

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