Trick the eye into thinking you are taller and slimmer than you are by sticking with one colour choice for your bottom half. Brown trousers and brown shoes are visually seamless, whereas black trousers and beige boots crop the leg at the ankle and draw the eye downwards to the cut-off point.

No matter what body shape you are, choosing a great pair of jeans is possible provided you are prepared to take an armful of different styles and sizes into the changing room. Avoid pale bleached denim and opt instead for dark denim or black jeans.


And, as aforementioned, they come fully accessorized with at least one dog, perhaps two, and they might even bring along a cat, ensuring that anyone with pet dander allergies will push up the price of Benadryl stock. It remains to be seen how good they will be at paying off student loans, not to mention how much they will have left over to help defray our nursing home costs. But, they are smart, and apparently have good instincts on social issues, such as racism and gay rights. They may be lacking in patience and thereby feeding a voracious appetite for resentment on one important front: Jobs. Almost 70 million Baby Boomers are ahead of them in line on the jobs front. Boomers hold the better jobs on the employment ladder, thereby allowing Millennials to stack up on the lower rungs, jabbing elbows at each other, while bemoaning the lack of movement above. Boomers are working longer and taking their sweet time going into retirement mode (see retirement). This is likely to get worse before it gets better (see Mortality). Millennials, as I have said, are smart. One way they are finding to work around the job issue is by developing important entrepreneurial skills.

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