Lady Gaga Told Shangela What!

We want secrets from the set with shangela. So we’re calling this game shhhhh Angela’s secrets ready okay how does Lady Gaga’s smell like flowers roses Le’Veon roses as she sexiest part about Bradley Cooper eyes oh just piercing you look at halle-loo he’s cute okay something you’ll never forget that Lady Gaga said to you behind the scenes that she has to wear houses with her favorite costumes are in them, and I was just collecting costume isn’t she yes she is, and I told her girl let me get a golf cart new tour we should do that that’s part of the craft services table on the set popcorn skinny pop my favorite. I meant there was a spread there was a spread. But you know when I eat the popcorn, it’s my favorite snack. Yeah I would have to check every time he’s unavailable for take three how big was Gaga’s daily entourage probably. I want to say maybe five people. Because I yes well she had the core people that she’s always known see them all the time they’re good friends too Ritchie choreographer, and who also they appear sometimes in little places in the field Frederic Sarah. So many great love that do you prefer Bradley with scruff or without Oh anyway just give me Bradley back just give it. Yeah it was your boss. But we can still find Q do you have his number not yet do you have Lady Gaga’s number not yes okay. But I have a return email address to somebody over there yes, and finally what is your favorite Lady Gaga song oh right now is shallows honey I was it this morning I’m in the shop yeah, and don’t get me go have you heard some of the songs from the album. I you know release it yes, and I look see all the songs he has a lot, and you maybe hear my voice occasionally oh. Yeah okay. But the shallows is my favorite right now. But in the in the past Lady Gaga swine from the art pop album was one my favorites. Because I broken my leg, and when I was recovering it was the first song I heard when I was able to drive my car again thank you. So much for stopping by you’re such a dream I’m. So proud of all your success congratulations if you guys want to see shangela go see a star is born, it’s out now go go go love you although she was London she doesn’t fit she’s British.

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