Lamborghini Aventador by SR Auto Group

Looking at this stunning, all blue and shiny Lamborghini I can’t help but wonder how super sexy Italian cars are. No wonder the Lamborghini Aventador has become one of the most simple and obvious choice when it comes to tuning and modifications; this particular ride is a modified Lamborghini and will probably remain imprinted in your memory as the most outrageous example of stylish and tasteful customization of a Lamborghini you’ve ever seen. No comments there!

Vancouver-based SR Auto Group garage is responsible for the extreme beauty before you; its team added some PUR Wheels parts as well as that superb set of PUR RS09 alloys measuring 2112.5 and featuring a brushed aluminum design with blue spokes and inners, perfectly matching the supercar. To make thins even better, the Lamborghini also features the complete PUR aerodynamics kit, which consists of a carbon fiber front splitter and lip, carbon fiber side skirts, an aggressive carbon fiber rear diffuser and a large rearwing made from the same lightweight material.

Let’s not forget the PUR lowering arms, but I’m guessing no one is thinking about those with this Lamborghini looking as awesome as it does!

Lamborghini Aventador by SR Auto Group Photo Gallery

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