Lamborghini Urus

The new Lamborghini super-SUV wowed spectators at the Spring Beijing Auto Show. The Italian designer has a long history of high performance sports cars, and with the debut of its new SUV model, they will continue the legacy. The Urus concept car is only a preview of what the company plans to release in 2015 as executives debate on which car manufacturer will design the vehicle. The company envisions the Urus to be an everyday vehicle with special attention being paid to a more eco-friendly engine design. Lamborghinis are not heralded for great gas mileage, but the Urus will be designed to release lower CO2 emissions like that of their main competitor, Bentley. Superior performance is a trademark of Lamborghini and the all-wheel-drive system and other special features will maintain their high quality standards.

The Urus concept will be longer and wider than the traditional models but significantly lighter to accommodate the high speeds and 600hp capability. One special feature will be the height-adjustable front spoiler that can be retracted for ground clearance or lowered for increased stability at higher speeds. An adjustable back spoiler is also included with 24-inch wheels to match. The interior will display the typical Lamborghini style with four bucket seats and full touch-screen capabilities. The white and black leather gives off the ambience of a spaceship, or as Lamborghini claims, the future in high performance sports utility vehicles. This luxury model is still in preparation for the market, but the price range will be between that of the Gallardo and Aventador models. If you have a need for speed and a taste for extravagance, this may be the SUV for you.

In 2011, the Maserati Kubang concept first debuted in Frankfurt, Germany with astonishing response. In 2012, the Detroit Auto Show revealed the Kubang for the first time in North America which raised many questions. The Kubang will still be an unmistakable representation of Maserati, but unlike past models, it will incorporate elements from other car models like that of Jeep Grand Cherokee. For luxury car enthusiasts this seemingly deviates from the Maserati protocol, but company designers ensure that the Kubang will still maintain the Maserati brand to the fullest. In 2003 the first SUV concept model was introduced, and since then innovations and developments have been made to the model to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the market. With the release of Kubang in 2014, Maserati hopes to enlarge its product range and strengthen its presence in the sport luxury market.

The Kubang will feature a new generation of Maserati engines designed by Paolo Martinelli, who with over 30 years of experience with Ferrari and its Formula 1 Team, hopes to achieve the same greatness in high performance engines. The new SUV will have Modena engineered steering, performance brakes and suspension, with a unique exterior design complete with a sloping coupe-styled profile. The interior will boast luxury with aniline leather and platinum effects metals with a special crackle finish. Though still foreign by namesake, the Kubang series will begin assembly in 2013 in the heart of the Motor City. With the tremendous decline in Detroit’s car market, the production of the Kubang signifies a rebirth for the city itself. With the birth of every new Maserati car, Maserati itself is reborn, said the company in a statement released to the public, and rightfully so.

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