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Hey guys, I’m going to give my first impressions on a very new product this is. So new that it’s not even out Jeff I actually received this as a press sample. And I wanted to give my first impressions on it. Because it’s a really in a bigger product. So this is the Lancome miracle Christian. And I’m just going to read what it says on the box it’s a liquid cushion compact it gives a fresh dewy hydration and offers absolute weightlessness and glow and it also has SPF 23 and the coverage it has two out of four dots which probably means it’s going to be a light to medium coverage foundation.

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So I’m going to open it and show you what it looks like inside. So right off the bat I can tell you that the packaging is absolutely beautiful it has a chrome top and a plastic bottom and when you open it it has a large mirror as well as a little makeup stylish that you can use with the product open it up and inside there is a sponge which holds the liquid foundation. So on one side of my face. I’m going to apply this foundation with the sponge that it comes with and on the other side. I’m going to use my makeup sponge and this is the one I use for almost all my liquid foundations alright. So this is my skin without any foundation I only have lotion on right now and my eye makeup. And so now.

I’m going to start the makeup on this side with the applicator that it comes with. So it’s actually really saturated I can feel a lot of product and it looks like this, and now. I’m just going to start at the center reddit. So right away I can say that it has a really nice cooling sensation and that’s probably from the water evaporating and the coverage right now looks pretty light now. I’m going to lift my hair it’s very easy to apply and very easy to blend not going to do the other side with my makeup sponge yep. So pick up the product size bag. So right away I can tell you that working with my makeup sponge is a lot faster and of course when you apply foundation you just want to blend it down to your neck then I can already see that the color is blending in quite well now earlier I thought it was a little bit dark.

But it’s blending in together very nicely and it is drying up to a not dewy. But more of a satin finish. So this is what the foundation looks like on as you can see it has a really dewy / satin finish and it feels really lightweight and nice on the skin it doesn’t feel thick and cakey at all and it doesn’t look cakey in real life it just looks like skin one of the things I read earlier says that it offers hydration. And I do agree with that cleaning. Because my skin does feel hydrated. And I also have some dry patches a weaker. And I notice that that foundation didn’t cling on to it.

So that’s a plus. So, if you have dry skin this is definitely a great foundation for you, if you have oily skin you might have to set this with powder after you’re done I really like it I think it left a really light to medium coverage just as advertised. But you can definitely build it up I didn’t I used one layer and that was enough to even on my skin tone which. I’m quite happy with now if you’re looking for something to cover acne scars or, if you have problematic skin I probably wouldn’t recommend this foundation. Because it is lightweight you would probably get better results with a full coverage foundation all in all I did enjoy this foundation. And I think it’s food if you’re someone who doesn’t like to wear a lot of makeup and you’re just looking to even out implement texture then this product will help you. And I also like the fact that it’s compact and lightweight.

So you can take it on the go with you and touch up throughout the day another thing is that this thing over here actually pops up. So once you run out of found a ssin you can just remove it and buy a refill my only part about this product is the fact that it only comes in six shades. So it’s quite restricted and if you’re in between shades it might be hard to find your perfect match however since is a lightweight foundation I find that after it dries my natural skin Peaks through a bit and at first I thought the foundation was start on me. But as you can see it looks really natural now. So if you’re in between shades it might be alright especially if you’re just a shade darker or lighter than the foundation it will still work for you. So I hope you guys enjoyed this first impressions and review, if you want similar posts like this, in the future don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later.

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