Thought to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, the Tri-Active laser combines suction massage to increase lymphatic drainage, which filters fluid from the cells. Low-intensity diodes heat to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin, which is left visibly smoother.


The noise blasted us: the rapid fire Tagalog speech of the Filipino, high and shrill and rising further in pitch at the end of a sentence; the howls of the street hawkers; the roar and rumble of traffic; the din of a thousand drivers leaning on their horns; music thumping from bars, blaring from cars, from open windows; it was a battle of sound – to talk was to shout. And the violence: this was truly a Barbary Coast experience. The bars, clubs, hotels and public buildings had prominent signs at the entrance, which read: ‘All firearms, knives, swords and lethal weapons to be deposited at the desk before entering.’ We walked about feeling naked with our lack of weaponry. A lot of the men had pistols tucked into their waistbands, in side-holsters, shoulder-holsters, some simply had one in their side pocket with the butt protruding in a casual manner. Businessmen of status had two guns, pearl-handled in shoulder-holsters, the butts jutting out from the edges of their jackets. There were guards everywhere: outside bars, outside shops, banks, office buildings, gas stations, schools, clubs – everywhere. Guards followed the people they were protecting, guards trailed behind their masters, behind their mistresses, behind school-children. When school finished there were fleets of guards with their young charges. The guards were really tooled up.

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