Laser Treatment For Vitiligo

Narrowband Ultraviolet B [UVB] Therapy
Narrowband UVB uses a particular type of light known as Ultraviolet B as opposed to the Ultra Violet A light employed by PUVA. Narrowband UVB has been found to be an effective alternative to the traditional PUVA. Similar to PUVA, specific treatment can be carried out three times in a week. However, the entire treatment procedure is greatly simplified since it does not require the prior application of psoralen, and due to this distinguishing feature, it’s becoming easier to deal with the disease.

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These narrowband wavelengths may be used to focus on concentrated areas by using a laser as a focused light source. The small experiments undertaken using this strategy have been promising so far.
However, this treatment is not readily available in the average dermatologist’s office due to the increased cost of the specialized equipment.
Excimer Laser
The Excimer Laser is a special laser which is used to focus UVB light on specific skin areas. It can only be applied to cure small sections of Vitiligo-infected skin, and this is because of its nature. Therefore, it is used hand in hand with other drugs. Its side effects include redness of skin and blistering.

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