Last Minute Halloween Hair Tutorial

Today I’m coming out move the great last minute costume ideas Sandy from Grease if you have waited until now to figure stuff out just pull your favorite black top, skinny black pants, then try out.
It’s also pretty easy started volume I prefer teasing first so that you don’t mess up the girls start at your roots, cheese away, finish working, now we’re going to Curl curling iron you own or can borrow, get to curling start by sectioning off just the nape of your hair, curl that make sure to curl in different directions.

Can you do what down sections about 2 to 3 in at a time, curl if you want to be lazy you can let your sections be a little bigger at the bottom but keep that Cheapest cross as close to the root as possible.

Last Minute Halloween Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

, now we’re going to break it all apart you’re going to carefully go back through your hair, pull apart the girls with your fingers the more you do this the more volume you get so adjust accordingly Bobby pinning hair over your left ear, Pendleton place.

Hair from the top, kind of scrunch it, push it up until you know that you want, then bobby pin that in place as well, a finish it off you can go ahead, use whatever product you want to hold your curls I’m using the Miss Jessie’s jelly soft pillow curls gel, this helps to really give a super realistic looks at the hair between the trolls called Post it has been requested for so long so I hope it lived up to everything you wanted it to be a really is such a I think you’ll like it.

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