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Common sense when you choose your diet Buff your hair Treat illness, hair loss and baldness early Contact the Author Acknowledgements Special thanks to Donati Mukulu for her contribution to this manuscript. For the love of natural Afro hair

This blog is for women who love their Afro hair natural, manageable, and beautiful. For several generations now Afro hair become disconnected from its roots, cut off from the spring of knowledge about how to care for Afro hair. This is knowledge that was common to our ancestors and is still central to many communities who love their Afro natural! Many traditional communities do not allow women to grow their hair and often force them to shave their hair off. There are however, many communities where women’s hair is their pride and a symbol of their status in the community and they are not ashamed to nurture it and to show it off.

Latest African Hairstyles Photo Gallery

1. Nosy-Be woman from the island of Nosy-Be, North West Madagascar in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa.

2. Antambahoaka woman, Madagascar, 1908

There has been a movement across the world that has drawn an increasing number of women onto a path led by commercial ideals and tastes that portray natural Afro hair as untidy and distasteful in the modern world. The alternative styles generally alter the structure of Afro hair as a solution. There is nothing wrong with these styles. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that in offices and boardrooms across the world, at weddings, even in schools and universities and at most social gatherings the natural Afro hairdo has been progressively sidelined.

And that is a huge loss. This natural gift that we are blessed with has become something to be hidden or transformed and tamed rather than loved and displayed. Many women say it’s just too difficult to look after natural Afro hair. Growing and grooming natural Afro hair is easy when you stick to what culture tells us.

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