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Your hair may be lacking many things but always start by dealing with moisture. It is the most common problem of Afro hair. Many people will not need to do anything else after they correct the moisture level of their hair.

Hair fall and hair breakage are a big clue to the state of our hair. Hundreds of tiny pieces of hair breaking off when combed tells that the hair is very dry and brittle. The hair feels stiff and hard and snaps like a dry twig. This is the most common problem of Afro hair and indicates that the hair needs help, especially water – either from the inside (drink more water) or from the outside (change in hair care routine to ensure better moisturizing), or probably both. Longer strands of hair falling out when we comb are usually normal daily shedding – up to 150 strands daily. If more than that amount of hair falls or if hair is coming out in clumps it might be wise to see a doctor!

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Afro hair is very sensitive to changes in the surroundings and will change dramatically in its behavior and quality in response to changes in the environment. Think of how your hair behaves as you move through hot or drier seasons or cold or rain and humid climates and environments.

Be prepared to protect your hair from sun, dust and pollution, rain and any other environmental changes that may crop up. Carry a light headscarf and a rain cap with you whenever and wherever you go.

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