Latest Hairstyling Tools

With the latest styling tools, you can finally say goodbye to heat damage (plus frizz, dull strands and insane clouds of static)


THE TECH: HEATED CORE T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe, £115 ( It’s official: heated rollers aren’t just for grannies, as technology has evolved for millennials. While retro versions took an age to warm up, embedded inside each of these futuristic-looking rollers is a ceramic heater and aluminium core. That means the rollers reach and retain the perfect styling temperature, fast – three to five minutes, FYI. What’s more, the rollers are wrapped in velvet, so they grip hair without snagging.

THE TECH: IONS Remington Air3D Hair Dryer, £199.99 The ceramic grill emits negative ions – molecules that lock in moisture, seal the cuticle and help evaporate water from the hair, so the dryer doesn’t need to be scalding hot. But that’s not the only high-tech thing about it — this dryer also has controlled airflow to prevent tangles.

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THE TECH: MINERAL-INFUSED PLATES Cloud Nine Original Iron, £139 ( There’s no two ways about it: extreme heat really isn’t kind to fine, fragile hair. That’s why Cloud Nine’s scientists developed irons that give you the option of straightening your locks using lower temperatures (100-150°C). Infusing the plates with a strand-smoothing natural rock mineral means frizz has met its nemesis, too.

BaByliss Smooth & Wave Secret, £130 ( Yes, it looks like the sort of weapon Jon Snow might own in Game Of Thrones – yet, ironically, it’s one of the gentlest ways to revamp your hair, as it cuts down styling time so there’s less stress to strands. Simply select the straight or wave mode and feed your hair into the ceramic chamber where it’s held and pre-heated, before popping out perfect beachy waves or glass-smooth locks.

THE TECH: SENSORS ghd Nocturne Collection Platinum Styler, £175 This has some pretty impressive specs. Three heat sensors across each plate maintain a safer-for-hair temperature of 185°C from root to tip. This ensures there are no hotspots to cause damage, and also means you only have to pass the styler through your hair once (50 per cent less breakage – bonus). It’s also purple and floral, if you’re a sucker for good-looking tech.

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