Latest Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Handle Afro hair gently (REALLY!)

So, we said leave Afro hair alone. Don’t comb it too often. Don’t brush it aggressively. Don’t pull it when you find a knot.

That’s all very well and good but in the world we share with so many other people, the importance of cleanliness and some sort of neat order goes with a whole bunch of cleansing products. We have grown addicted to those products that keep us clean, disease free and sweet smelling. Sweat, dirt and grime have no place in this world nor does an itchy scalp or smelly hair. And frankly neither do heavy coatings of red ochre and oil! So, even as you work to style your hair in ways that avoid messing with your hair there are times when you must handle your hair!

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The balance comes in knowing how to deal with Afro hair when you need to; it comes down to understanding what natural Afro hair can stand and what it cannot take.

Unlike traditions where applying oils and fats mixed with germ-killing herbs were used, today washing or other forms of cleaning hair are the modern routine for removing all the dirt and pollution and all the disease-causing organisms that thrive in dirty, humid conditions. So, hair needs cleaning. How often and in what way? Anything from twice a week to twice a month will keep hair healthy. Longer than that and you may become a walking health hazard! The point is that it must always be approached in a certain way.

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