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Hey guys. I’m Abby from LA and I’m here with Kamri. Hi Guys. Today we’re going to show you how to do the lattice braid combo. This hairstyle’s similar to one that we did several years ago called the ladder braid combo but this time the strands are kind of like crossing and making an X pattern like you would find on lattice in your garden. So, here we go. We’re gonna begin this hairstyle by creating a lace feather braid. You’re gonna pick up a section of hair right here on the top and divide it into three strands and start braiding like normal. We’re only gonna be adding hair in on this left side which is what makes it a lace braid. So we’re gonna pick up some hair and add it in and then on this bottom piece this time we’re going to pull a little tiny section off and let it fall down. That’s what creates the feathery effect.

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We’re gonna keep adding hair in on this left side and each time we get to this right strand we’re gonna let some hair fall, feather a piece off before we cross it up and over. And when I get to about there I’m going to just let it turn into a regular three strand braid, but you can continue to feather it if you’d like to go all the way down, it’s up to your personal preference. And secure it with an elastic at the end. Okay, now you’re gonna go back to the front and I’m going to take the little feather pieces and just lift them up and out of the way. If you want, at this point, you can grab some dry wax too and just spray those pieces. That’ll help just keep those separated from the rest of the hair a little bit better. Flip them over. Now I’m gonna pick up this section of hair right here, the only thing you need to remember about the waterfalls before I forget to tell you, is just make sure you have an even amount because we’re gonna be crossing in pairs.

So I’m gonna start a three stitch section again and we’re going to do a lace braid again, adding in only from the left. So we’re gonna go up here, take piece number one and let it drop down. Then take piece number two and add it in, and you’ll see why in just a second. So complete that stitch and when you go to pick up this time, reach back under and grab that piece number one and create another stitch. Again, I’m gonna pick up three and just let it fall. Take piece number four and add it in to the braid. Create a full stitch and then go back and grab piece number three and add it in. And I’m only doing that because I want that one and three strands to cross underneath. I like the way they look underneath a little bit better. So I’m gonna go, skip a strand, four has already fallen down, or number five, and we’re gonna add number six in. Do a stitch and reach underneath again. Grab number five, add it in, and continue on like that. (fun music) And when you get to the end just complete it like a normal braid and secure it with an elastic. And there you have the lattice braid. Here’s our final spin. All the fun lattice criss-crosses along the back. Yay. Bye guys. See you guys next week. Be sure to checkout our latest two posts that you can find here and show us some love by clicking on the comment button.

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