Lavender Sandalwood Cream Homemade

A friend reported after his trip to Africa that this cream was a lifesaver at night, when he would be kept awake by irritating bug bites. He applied it to the bites, which soothed and relieved the irritations allowing him to go to sleep. See formula 29.

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The declaration was my attempt to help improve society is (mainly the media’s) standards of what types of bodies are considered beautiful, and to smash the myth that only skinny women will get attention, success, love and opportunity. We can all have these things. I invited my audience to call me out if I ever made them feel bad about their body, or put across a message that losing weight or being ‘skinny’ was the goal. I pointed out that self-love and acceptance is pro-choice. If you choose to change your body and you do it for you only, then good for you there should be no judgement of that. And if you are skinny, thin, muscly or fit, this approach is not anti your choices either you are beautiful, too. SELF-CARE Many people have been brought up to believe they must always think of others’ needs first that to put your own needs first is selfish. What I have learnt is that it is not selfish to love yourself and practise self-care; it is necessary. While demonstrating compassion towards others is essential, it is difficult to do if you don not also show it to yourself. And if you are always putting other people is needs ahead of your own, where do you stop?! There are a lot of people who need help in the world, which means you could be waiting a very long time before you focus on your own needs.

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