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But I couldn’t help but wonder how different their lives would be. Layer cut for long hair back view When Lucas was two weeks old, our health visitor came for a routine visit. After she’d seen Lucas and told me how well he was doing, she looked over at Alexander, then two, as he played on the floor. I’m so sorry,’ she said. This is bad timing. But we’re worried about Alexander.’ It hit me that I’d always suspected this day might come. When Alexander had learned to walk at 17 months, I’d noticed he had a strange gait. He hadn’t started talking as quickly as Isabella, and didn’t seem to use his right arm. At three months old, I went to the GP but my worries were dismissed. Desperate to believe he was OK, I’d stopped complaining. A week later, we went to see a paediatrician who tested Alexander’s arms and legs. Within 10 minutes, she had her verdict. It’s cerebral palsy,’ she said, explaining it may have been caused by him having a stroke in my womb. I’d had no idea. We were still reeling from the shock of Lucas’ diagnosis just three weeks earlier. How could this be happening again?

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