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Tsubo – Pressure Points

Along each meridian are a varying number of tsubo, or pressure points. Layer cut for long hair back view They are points along the meridian where the energy is thought to be flowing near the surface of the body and therefore more accessible for treatment.There are more than 700 tsubo in your body, and they are numbered in sequence according to which meridian they are on. The first point on the kidney meridian, for example, will be Kidney I (KID I ).The points reflect the internal functioning of the body.

Lungs (LU):

Take in air and vital Chi during respiration to refine and distribute it around the body. A fundamental process for building up resistance against external intrusions.

Elimination of gases through exhalation.

Openness, emotional stability, enthusiasm and a fulsome positive approach.

Large Intestine (LI):

Helps the function of the lungs. Processes food substances and eliminates what is unnecessary.

The ability to let go. Elimination.

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