Layered Haircuts For Long Hair With Side Bangs


A good hair cut can take years off your perceived age and give you buckets of self-confidence. Regardless of your age, your hair should look soft and flattering, and a clever cut will emphasize all your good points while drawing attention away from your bad ones.

Emotions ranged from outright fear to various degrees of resignation. I admit those moments waiting were the worst moments of my life. Each tick of the clock convinced me that my personal time was running out.

Turns out the doctor had been delayed by an emergency.

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The scan proved negative. The doctor and I discussed options of which there were several, ranging from radiation, surgery, or just letting it go with the understanding of the probability that the slow-growing tumor would not reach the lethal stage for years, if ever during my lifetime.

That is a crap shoot I had no difficulty rejecting. Having watched my father lose his cancerous larynx and my mother lose her life to liver cancer, there was no reluctance to tell the doctor to get that cancerous prostate out of my body. That was ten years before shortness of breath, and a resulting echocardiogram revealed a 95 percent blockage of the so called widow maker artery.

There was no time for fear this time.

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