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MAKE-UP TRIAL: Maybe you’re lazy about your make-up and hair on other days, but your wedding is no time for a lax attitude. Never, ever skip the make-up trial. Your trial should happen at least three weeks before the wedding. This way, if something does go horribly wronglike an allergic reaction to a product, there’s a lot of buffer time to rectify it. Some brides are enthusiastic enough to try two or three different kinds of looks so they can choose the best one. Remember, when you do go for your make-up trial, be sure to wear your bridal outfit or at least the same colour so you have a fair idea of what your make-up will look like against it. Take lots of pictures to see how the make-up photographs and don’t be shy about asking friends and family for their opinion. SKINCARE: Fabulous make-up starts with great skin. If your skin is dehydrated, unhealthy and neglected, even the best make-up artist and quality products may not be enough. Start a simple skincare routine a couple of months before the wedding. Drink loads of water, eat healthy and moisturise your skin regularly. Healthy skin is like a great canvas. There are endless possibilities. Take good care of your skin and leave it up to your make-up artist to work the magic. LASHES: If you haven’t tried fake lashes as yet, Layered medium length haircuts over be prepared to be amazed. They add just the right amount of drama to your eyes that you will need to dazzle on your special day Fake lashes, however, are tricky and could totally backfire making you look caricaturish if not done right. Make sure your make-up artist is a professional with experience. If applied incorrectly or if the lashes are cheap, the lashes will sit uncomfortably and poke you in the eyes. If applied correctly they will transform your look and make you appear more photogenic. The camera tends to wash out the eyes; so using fake lashes will highlight your eyes in the best way possible. Using individual eyelashes will make your eyes stand out and yet look more subtle than a full strip. Different lengths that are nestled between your lashes will definitely create a natural effect.

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