Learn How To Rap From One Of Hip Hop’s Greatest Busta Rhymes

Hey guys Casey Madden here with Busta Rhymes how’s it going. But sometimes it with Casey Madden what you talking about I’m. So good it’s so nice to meet you absolutely a pleasure to meet you as well. So I recently just learned that your name is actually Trevor Smith jr. yes how does Busta Rhymes come out of it I was in a group called leaders of the new school I didn’t have a cool name at the time my name was was chill old ski. But see at the time it was cool. Because you know the cool rappers had three party names like how about cold chain they used to love the way that I would like when he asked me to rhyme I would put. So much into it dad the aggression from the performance while I was rapping chug leads to say that ever my love him over 1985 Vikings Minnesota Vikings football player by the name of Busta Rhymes. So I thought the name was wack I like I’m chill o ski I don’t want to be Busta Rhymes. So so he he insisted that I try to then at the time you know Public Enemy. I just put out the first album, and it was like sizzling the streets, and super bugs in everywhere. So I just wanted to at least try it, and I’m like yo he he obviously doing something right, and I ran around the place being bossed around for about three months, and nobody wanted to hear bout no chill OC after that Wow. So you know that kind of gave birth to Busta Rhymes, and 27 years later these Busta Rhymes Wow story thanks I didn’t think it was gonna be that intricate to be honest. I thought I was cool there’s a whole story behind it it definitely is 18 years ago you entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having said the most syllables in one second no. I didn’t get out I swear to God I never knew none of this. I don’t pass this is about making a song sound great right I’m saying. So ultimately, it’s the goal for me, and I don’t even know how to go about entering a Guinness Book of Records. So you know this this is news to me. But, it’s cool i think they need to get, and i don’t know what’s on they’re basing 18 years ago me being fast enough into the Guinness Book of Records would be breaking up that was 2001 recently I just released the record with Anderson pack yeah, and he you know blessed me with the opportunity the graces his new single called bubble, and leanings I think that’s probably the fastest speed work that I’ve done to date, it’s been commercially released can you can you teach me can you tell me anything. How do I do that how does a person do that you gotta relax you just gotta chill, it’s not as easy to be a little bit of place, and articulate as clearly you know keep the breath control. Yeah that’s something I definitely got to learn. So you gotta relax it was good y’all this is your boy Busta Rhymes, and you were reading my blog calm, and you better not intention to go read nobody else’s Calm pop okay guys calm thank you very much.

Learn How To Rap From One Of Hip Hop’s Greatest Busta Rhymes Photo Gallery

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