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Last year, Lee Mack hinted the 2014 Xmas spesh of Not Going Out would be the last, as hesaid filming takes up a lot of his time (diddums). Well, it’s not happened yet – as there’s another festive one-off here, and we join the happy couple with an up-the-duff Lucy and the whole family caught up in a robbery while out Christmas shopping, yikes!

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I was handing over to Jimmy at the time. We moved into the shadows under the manifolds when we saw Mac crawling up the gangway. When he reached the top, Mac hauled himself to his feet and stood there swaying and glaring around for someone to abuse. No one was there. Arrgghh! he screamed at the top of his voice, trying to draw someone out. Arrgghh! You’re all bastards! He then fell backwards onto the gangway, slid down head-first for a couple of yards and rolled under the rope rails and out over the side. We walked off, chortling. The second mate came up and stood looking down at Mac, wrapped up in his net: Well Mac. At least you’re back for your midnight watch, I’ll grant you that. It was a good result really.

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