LeeAnne Locken Slams D’Andra Simmons After Blowout Fight!

My name is Lee, and I don’t ever tell a lie that’s how I live. So in the most recent episode we saw diandra call you out for telling Kerry that she had two hundred dollars in her bank account didn’t have to call me out sweetie just ask out what a Tojo if you would have told her yes I would have okay you also told people how much money that I said was in my bank account what is that I never tried to hide it I never tried to deny it the reality is she came running in from shopping in Vail wasted, and broke okay, and she was freaking out, and you know the reality is yes she originally spent the four thousand plus she was able to return the buckle. So now her rate was down to like twenty two hundred okay, and she was freaking out, and I at this point believe that we’re still friends and. So I’m like what do I do like my first thought is we could this stuff has to get taken back like you know I’m old school. Yeah I’m from the poor people world where you return stuff if you can’t afford it great and. So I’m my philosophy is I’m gonna go to carry cuz she, and I are building this friendship, and she already has a friendship with Deandra, and I’m like helping me help her she’s freaking out in the room, and then, and then I stupidly didn’t filter what I said, and I repeated what Deandra herself said to me brave now when you continue to read this episode, it’s odd to me. Because I’d love for someone to keep track of how many times it said I don’t have financial problems okay. So I have financial problems right. I have $200 an item in account I have 11 bank accounts, and it’s interesting to me -, it’s scary not interesting, it’s curious for me to read someone who I thought I knew go from crying. So much that Kerry is wiping tears off her face – the second she mentions what I said, and I’m like oh my god Chucky has entered the building I mean. So when Deandra did call you out was there anything that we didn’t see on camera about how that situation played 100 percent lots of it wasn’t I said to her right in that moment I said Deandra well once she finally shut up. I said Deandra you’re acting like I what I said I went to caring I was like haha never said it like that I said help me. Yeah help me help her now if that’s a negative for a friend to want to help another friend I don’t know how to be a friend then I don’t know how to be a friend right. Because it wasn’t telling someone’s secret it was this woman is laying on a bed balling her drunk eyes out, and I took it as this is real was I supposed to take it differently intention is everything, and if you don’t get to the brass tacks of what the intention is then you’re arguing with yourself yeah, and I have no desire to argue with idiot Pope you know, it’s like in a weird position maybe if you come to me, and tell me something I’m gonna go tell. That person I’m gonna tell her do you think that Kerry was trying to stir the pot no I think that Kerry was very upset when she saw the episode I’ll show you the text message from her when she was like. So pissed I said. So much more Wow. But in the effort of time we limit it to a certain number, and you know she called me. Because she was like it looks like I threw you under the bus, and I said I get it I get that, it’s gonna come across that way. But you know you just have to know that where we are today is not where we were then, and I’m grateful for where we are, and that’s all we have to focus on. Yeah that’s great okay. So you, and Kerry are good my season goes like this the death, and mourning of something that I’m not sure ever was which is incredibly difficult to let go of that pain. Because you’re still questioning it to the gratitude of being given an opportunity by a few people that I never thought I was gonna get an incomplete joy that I have by having those people be my friends stone absolutely oh you’re such a good friend we were there for you, and you know what you know the situation you know what happened I’m telling you you’re gonna get to read my literal heart break.

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