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Know when to shoot

Lance Miller, an international shooting coach trained at the United States Olympic Training Center, said that the most important things in the Exercise Method to help his athletes are visualization, mental rehearsal, stress management and intuition.

“Why intuition?” Ed Bernd Jr. asked him “There’s no need to figure out your opponent’s strategy or anything like that.”

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“Are you kidding?” he answered. “There are things beyond a shooter’s control that can affect his or her accuracy.”

“Like what?” Ed asked.

“Like the wind,” he answered. “The wind at the target may be different than the wind at the muzzle of the gun. And the wind can change suddenly.

“If you can somehow use your intuition to help you determine the exact instant to squeeze the shot off, you can improve your score.”

The athlete cannot detect other factors objectively, Miller said. “Despite the excellent quality control in the manufacture of ammunition,” he said, “you could have a nick in a bullet that you can’t see with the naked eye, or a smaller powder charge.

“The athletes need to be able to sense this. I tell my guys and girls that if everything doesn’t feel right, don’t shoot. When they learn to project their minds to detect problems, this will help them tremendously.”

Miller is teaching his athletes how to use some of the Exercise Method workout and fitness techniques to help them in their quest for world and Olympic championships.

The same idea applies to other sports as well, where variables such as wind or precision manufacture of equipment could be factors that influence the success of the athlete’s effort.

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