Leg Exercises While Pregnant

The importance of focus

“When you practice tai chi, you are at your level,” Vidheya said. “One of the first things they teach you is not to focus your eyes on anything specific when you are doing your movements. This makes sense because when you focus your eyes, you cannot be at level. When you defocus your eyes, you can be at your level. Then everything that you visualized will happen. And you will also be able to react instinctively.

“When you are first learning, you must focus on what you are doing. But after you practice and practice and practice, you no longer need to focus. You can defocus your vision and let the movements flow naturally.

“It is the same when you learn the Exercise Method. At first you must practice, practice, practice, until it finally becomes automatic.”

Keeping the rewards in perspective

Athletics can bring you rewards on many levels. Getting in shape makes you feel better and gives you the pride of accomplishment. Sports activities give you an opportunity to socialize with other people. That’s why activities from daytime bowling leagues to local weekend golf tournaments to more physical activities like softball and flag football are so popular. Recognition, appreciation, fame and, often, monetary rewards come to those who take sports seriously and excel at them

But extremism and obsession about athletics can create problems. Vidheya looks at it from this perspective:

“Too much attachment to the rewards is not good because it makes you dependent on something outside of yourself,” she says.

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“Too few attachments to the rewards means that you have no interest and will not continue your efforts.

The middle ground is the most difficult way, but it is also the best.”

4 hours of mental training bring victory

A four-hour workshop and some follow-up help were all that it took to propel the Lady Tiger Volleyball Team at Martin High School in Laredo, Texas, to their first district championship in 17 years.

At the beginning of the 1990 season, nobody picked the Lady Tigers to win the district. But they had a weapon in their arsenal that nobody else knew about.

All of the players, with their parents’ consent, had attended a four-hour Exercise Athlete Training Workshop presented by Martin High School’s veteran basketball coach Hector Chacon. Volleyball Coach Carmela Gonzalez had asked Coach Chacon to present the workshop to her players. She also attended the Exercise Method 40-hour Basic Lecture Series so that she could help her players even more.

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