Lela Rose

The fashion designer turned entertaining expert wrote the book on fabulous fetes and shared her know-how with Star!

According to reps, celebs including Kat McPhee and Brittany Snow are fans of Pret-A Party, Lela’s gorgeous

Lela’s Top Tips

A specialty cocktail is a must. It’s a great way to signal to your guests that they are in for a treat.

The devil is in the details! I delight in thinking about special touches and love seeing when guests notice them.

Make it fun! Put a smile on and enjoy: No one feels comfortable around a stressed-out hostess.

To make the party vibe festive, add silver sparkles and winter white to the decor. It’s also a great dress code for the holiday season.

Bad things happen when you’re away from your medicine cabinet.

UrgentRx® Upset Stomach Relief To-Go„ is a new fast-acting medication that’s ready when and where you need it.

Just RIP open the pocket-friendly packet. POUR the flavored, fast-dissolving powder into your mouth.


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Curl Talk/ Dove is giving it to us straight: Until now, there were no emojis for the curly girls of the world. The influential personal care company committed to raising women’s self-esteem and making beauty a source of confidence has launched Love Your

Curls Emojis an extension of its campaign that celebrates the underappreciated hair texture. The free downloadable keyboard with 27 designs in selectable skin tone and hair color aims to ensure that all women feel represented in this increasingly social media-driven society. Curl power!

BRAND’S New Beat!

Before you lash out because Revlon is discontinuing all of its longtimeloved mascaras, take a deep breath.

This is not good-bye, its just a fresh start! The beauty giant is launching an entirely new collection of five magic wands, all designed to create different desired lash looks. Brand spokeswoman Olivia is brushing up with the All-in-One, which offers the perfect combo of volume, definition, lift and intense color. Talk about fringe benefits! Revlon Dramatic Definition, Ultra Volume, All-in-One, Super Length and Volume + Length Magnified Mascaras,

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