Leo’s Worst Moments On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

That’s the look that I was going for, and like I said I wasn’t meant to be on a romance novel. But I’m not gonna say that it wasn’t not meant to be a romance novel I mean like seriously what chick this up is the toast to Kendall we had a great first date, and it was one of the best first dates. I’ve ever been on you know, and it’s a shame to find out that your kind of food without looking around the room, and I’m kind of seeing a lot of people that are full, and all I’m saying is the world has enough to have me add on to it doesn’t say, it’s nothing curse or bitch tell the girl you’d hang it up with that you just kissed someone after your date with her that’s a normal thing to do on my terms I have to tell her when you think I should tell her totally my fault. Because that’s what you do a paradise to exhaust all the options, and you tell you figure it, and I’ll tell you why where’s that written is there a rule that says you have to tell him you ruined my day by making me feel like I did something horrible by kissing Chelsea I was extremely surprised, and hurt that you would do something like that to me. I think you fates phenomenal. But are you saying that, it’s phenomenal for you, and I was faking it was a phenomenal for me. Yeah I’m saying it wasn’t phenomenal for you I’m saying that you’re like a phenomenal actress did a great job. Yeah you really fooled me Annie Google gets that upset about me kissing another girl probably wanted me to be exclusive, and maybe she should have told me that. Yeah I mean if I saw you like kissing Joe here. Yeah I understand that. Yeah I’m an alpha, it’s like I don’t want any guy to really think that they could ever like have you by my side you want your woman to just kind of be yours I like Kendall I’m in like with her. But it doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot of fun to be had, and that I can’t have that fun I could make out with every girl if you wanted to. But I’m not going there just. Yeah my god I know that she will think about our date forever.

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