How Lifes Problems Should be Handled

This does not mean that we should disregard our problems or be indifferent to our needs. We must learn to approach and deal with our problems with calmness and understanding, since this is the only way to cope with them adequately. Furthermore, we must make sure to follow a sound and well-regulated program of living, for only this will enable us to maintain a high standard of health and endow us with the strength and vitality we need if we are to handle our problems efficiently and make life a success.

Always keep this in mind: healthy individuals do not succumb when confronted with difficult problems or faced with hardships. Those who possess the stamina and endurance that goes with sound health do not break down during periods of stress, but face their problems with equanimity, and handle them in the most effective way possible. We saw many examples of this during the depression years when millions of people were stripped of their possessions in a matter of minutes. Those with strong bodies and healthy nerves were able to take their reverses in stride and start life all over again, while those with shattered nerves and depleted bodies were unable to bear the brunt of the burden and went to pieces altogether, often dragging their families along with them.

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