Light Brown Hair With Blonde Streaks 

My next step is to apply my leave-in conditioner. I have found that it is not necessary to use a conditioner that specifies that it is a “leave-in conditioner”. I use the term leave in conditioner because you are leaving it in your hair. I have found that certain ‘regular’ conditioners actually work better for achieving moist defined curls than a leave-in conditioner does.

During this step I always use a moisturizing conditioner. I section each section into either 3 or 4 sections when applying my styling product. (If your hair tends to be more dry and frizzy, you can apply a frizz controlling product to each section after applying your leave in conditioner.)

Light Brown Hair With Blonde Streaks  Photo Gallery

Next apply your conditioner to each section being sure to press and pull the product through each section. Using your fingers comb the product through being sure to work the conditioner through each strand. Once you have applied the product to the section you can either define the curls by running your fingers slowly through the section or you can actually define the curls by separating the strands within a section and running your index and your thumb fingers down the strand from scalp to end. Using this method defines each curl individually.

This does take more time but the definition results are beautiful. Once you are finished with a section you can use clip to hold the section into place and away from the other sections to be worked on.

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