Linda Davis


Up Country


Another two CD release comprising her two albums forArista-Nashvillein the mid 1990s

Having played this a few times, I admit to finding this a difficult album to comment on. Possessed of a fine natural singing voice, as the sleeve notes say, this was a lady who came close to making the big time in country music in the mid 1990s basically on her time spent touring with Reba McEntire then at the height of her popularity. Linda hitthetopofthe country chartswitha powerful duet with Reba, Does He Love You. These two albums were as a direct result of that major hit single, but sadly for Linda, her own solo career never really took off even with her undoubted talent. Why was this? To begin with I think she sounded too much like Reba, and to be honest if I was asked to pick out an outstanding track or two apart from perhaps the opener of the first album,

I would struggle!

Herein lies the problem; whereas the quality of the voice and production is first class, after a while there is a certain sameness about much ofthese recordings. It cries out for that ‘standout’ track that would have given her the major hit her talent undoubtedly deserved. The second album is decidedly less country. Linda has continued to have a decent career in country music but oh what might have been with just one or two really outstanding songs, and perhaps getting a further away from the hit sounds of Reba McEntire. David Brassington

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