Lip Balm with Sunscreen All Dry Damaged

Add 1/2 teaspoon PABA per 6-oz. batch of lip balm for an approximate SPF-10 to SPF-15 lip balm. Mix PABA into the melted oil-and-beeswax mixture at the end of the heating process, just prior to pouring the lip balm into containers. The PABA will give the lip balm a slightly grainy consistency.

Echinacea Cold Sore Lip Balm All/Damaged

This is an excellent medicated, healing balm with antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal action. Use on athlete’s foot, minor cuts and wounds, bug bites and diaper rash.

1 oz. freshly dried echinacea 16 oz. cold pressed olive oil angustifolia root 4 oz. beeswax

1 oz. myrrh powder 3 dropperfuls tea tree essential oil

1 oz. black walnut hull dried at green 3 dropperfuls camphor essential oil stage 3 dropperfuls thuja essential oils

1 oz. freshly dried goldenseal root

This lip balm requires that you first make an herbal-infused oil with the olive oil and the herbs. Mix and grind echinacea, black walnut hulls, and goldenseal in mortar and pestle or small coffee grinder used exclusively for herbs and seeds. Then mix in the powdered myrrh. Follow Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Dried Herbs. Makes about 10-12 oz. oil.

Once you have made and decanted your herbal-infused oil it can be made into a lip balm. Combine 10 oz. infused oil with 4 oz. of beeswax. Follow Directions for Salves and Balms. When pouring the melted beeswax-and-oil combination into containers, add 2 drops of essential oil of tea tree, 2 drops essential oil of camphor and 2 drops essential oil of thuja per 1/2 oz. lip balm, and place lid immediately on the container to prevent the evaporation of the essential oils. Note: Vi-oz. lip balm containers are available by mail order (see Resources), flakes 14 oz. balm, enough to use generously on lips and elsewhere on the body as needed.

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