Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is made by infusing specific dye herbs in oil so that they impart their color to the oil. The quantity of herb used for infusing the oil will affect the intensity of color the more herb used, the stronger the color. The infused oil is then thickened with beeswax, in the same manner as a salve. For lip gloss, you may want to make a softer, glossier balm by using 1 oz. of beeswax to 3 oz. of oil. Adding a small amount of castor oil will help give the lip gloss a sheen.

A1anet root and annatto seeds are two commonly used herbs for making lip balms and rouges. A1anet yields a red color, and annatto yields a yellow-orange shade. Products derived from these oils, even when made with a high concentration of herb, will not be as strongly colored as products made with the synthetic colors used in the cosmetics industry. However, they are often sufficient for adding a subtle touch of color to the face in a completely nontoxic manner. These colored oils can also enhance a product’s appearance for instance, by using the red-infused oil of the a1anet root as the base for an aphrodisiac body oil.

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