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Hello Friends and welcome to another post Today I am going to be melting one of every lipstick from Sephora together into one giant mega lipstick that’s right We’re taking bad makeup science to the next level, so I’ve previously mixed all my nude lipsticks, my foundations, eye shadows, liquid lipsticks and highlighters together and honestly I’ve been surprisingly pleased with the results But of course all of those experiments were limited to my makeup collection, things that I bought for myself to suit my own tastes, complexion, skin type etc so I thought if I could buy one of every lipstick from Sephora and melt them all together Into a batch of FrankenPhora lipsticks I would be able to both Satisfy my ever-growing desire to melt makeup, and also get an insight into what Sephora thinks are its most marketable lipstick colors, because presumably What will emerge from the fiery depths of this mixture is the mid point of all of Sephora’s lipstick shades. Now, Obviously when I melt down all of these lipsticks I’m gonna make more than just one lipstick So I’m gonna take these extra tubes that I make and give them back to you guys as a commentr giveaway! I’m sorry it’s not a MacBook Air It’s just a bad makeup science experiment that you might not even want after I’ve put my grubby hands all over em’, But I thought it’d be fun to share them with you guys as a novelty item and we’ll share the rules for the giveaway at the end of the post.

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As an additional note to address the question of How the hell are we gonna do this, this post is sponsored by Quidd. Now if you haven’t heard of Quidd, It’s a free app that you can get right now on the app store that basically has tons of stickers gifts and tradable cards for different TV shows, movies, rs and other fandoms that you can collect and share So it’s kind of like Bitmoji but with a wider variety of things. The feature that I love is that you can integrate the stickers into your iMessage keyboard and then Send them like emojis. Quidd actually made us our own Sticker Pack so if you download the app you can get that and then harass all of your friends with Crusty’s face. So a big THANK YOU to Quidd for helping us produce our non-FDA-approved FrankenPhora makeup line And I hope you guys go check them out and download the app if you want to try it out. Alright, Let’s do this. So based on some cursory research We don’t have enough money, even with our sponsorship, to buy one of every lipstick sold on So instead we decided to focus this experiment on what Sephora stocks in their actual stores. Alright, so I’ve got my GoPro strapped to my chest and we’re gonna go try and buy one of every lipstick that the Sephora stocks.

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Which narrows the scope of this midpoint lipstick to what Sephora and their vendors think will actually market and sell in person. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in there, I don’t know how they’re gonna react to this, hopefully my credit card works and.. um.. Hopefully we can actually afford to buy all of the lipsticks that they have. Just so we’re not mixing too many elements, I’m gonna make sure that every product we buy is a traditional lipstick, not a liquid lipstick, gloss pencil, or balm But I’m open to any finish including, Sheer, metallic, matte, cream, whatever. There is the dynamic of like ‘what if a lipstick is sold out?’, And I’m sure there’s gonna be one or two colors that are just plain not there, But if I notice that a lot of colors are missing from a particular brand or line, I’m gonna make sure to fill in as many blanks as I can by going to another Sephora. It’s not exact makeup science, It’s BAD makeup science. OH. MY. GOD. I can’t believe we just did that! we had to call our bank, To tell them it was okay..This is nuts. I can’t wait we have so many good colors, I would like to say a giant Thank you to everyone who was working at that Sephora, You guys helped us check out all these lipsticks, and you put up with us, and I know we’re insane.

So yeah, let’s go home. Alright. So we’re here with all of our lipsticks ready to get a-choppin, smackin’, and melting. We’re actually at a boba shop in downtown LA right now called Milk and Tea because we needed a true Utilitarian kitchen. So basically, what we’ve done is we’ve separated all the lipsticks out by like color category We’ve got nudes, reds, pinks, purples, oranges, browns, miscellaneous others, so, uh, this is gonna be an adventure. Alright, so let’s start off with something I’ve melted before, which is nudes. (Tyler)You’re like King Kong right now. Now that they’re all uncapped, the lipstick smell is just like wafting around the room. I feel like these are like, the terracotta soldiers. You know? There’s just rows and rows of them. And some of them have different jobs, there’s a couple of Magistrates, a few foot soldiers, a few cavalry men, it’s all coming together. So I think the way I’m gonna do this is basically grab them, sread them, And then put them into the pot. (Safiya) Alright ready? (Tyler) As ready as I can be. (Safiya) Alright.. And then at the end, after we’ve got all of our lipsticks inside, then we’ll turn up the heat and try and melt these things all together.

The thing that’s really motivating me here is the end product, I know that we’re gonna end up with, you know, hopefully hundreds of new baby lipsticks, so, um, I’m okay destroying some makeup. Usually it would hurt me, but I’m trying to think past that. (Tyler) you’re like a Hibachi chef. (Safiya) I call this one, urban decay in the pocket. I feel like I’m even like getting more lipstick out than you usually would, I feel like usually when you get to the bottom of the lipstick, where you can’t push up any more, I usually give up but, listen, I’m getting down into the nitty-gritty. (Tyler) Saf’s actually SAVING lipstick. (Safiya) Exactly, waste not want not is what this post is all about. Alright, so, it’s been about- what would you say ? Thirty minutes? So it’s been about thirty minutes of me sreading and chopping and scooping And I haven’t really made that much of a dent into the nude lipsticks, so I’m gonna have Tyler help me. I couldn’t do it all by myself. (Tyler) I’m here for backup. I’ve washed my hands, so I’m ready to dive in Tyler I’ve been trying really hard not to forget to sread don’t forget to sread Oh, you got one. (T) Oh, it’s very satisfying (S) all right and scoop out the insides Love pulling them out, that’s so fun. I feel like I got every last drop What happened? (T) I think I forgot to sread the last two It’s too late Tyler. I’m just throwing it off. All right, so this is the last lipstick of all of our nudes This is the Kat von D Ludwig. Wow and that’s how Ludwig died.

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All right! nudes, CHECK! okay So we’ve got all of our red lipsticks laid out right over here ready to be shmacked in a few things have changed first off We’ve swatched all of them already so that step is out of the way, so hopefully we’ll be a bit swifter Yes, all right. I’m gonna go in oh yeah, going ham already see now that we don’t have to sread life’s different (T) life is better (S) so Tyler has prototype this saw and Extract with knife method. It’s a fun challenge, but it only really works with hard lipsticks. Oh Yes, see Anastasia will never let you down her lipsticks are hard. I like a firm mattress and a hard lipstick I call this one the Wolverine Oh my god this started at guillotine And it’s like now sort of progressed to like 13th century torture methods Yeah, whoever knocks it in but keeps theirs wins ready? (S) No, We’re gonna knock it on the floor. I do not condone I did not see All right, so these are the last two reds (T) That is the worst feeling Oh Someone laughed a bit too soon.. all right Reds Done, okay, so we’ve got all our pink lipsticks laid out here I thought that the Reds were the most populous of all the lipsticks But I think it’s actually the Pink’s I so rarely wear pink lipstick It’s an interesting thing to be confronted with so many. (T) There’s some scoop porn right here right whoo I honestly think the pink ones might be softer. They’re very soft. I think it has something to do with the coloring? (T) or the formula. (S) Well the color affects the formula (T) Ah, are you trying to introduce some good makeup science? into this (S) no never Anastasia is my girl Oh, my god. Leave me alone!! so once we’re done with the pink I feel like the only large grouping left are the purples the rest of them are pretty small for a striking distance I think we’re almost there We might run out of time to actually do the melting here tonight most of the reason we were at this boba place was to Use their freezer for the mold yeah, but we might just have to stick them in our freezer. Just clear it out. Oh Well that is the very last pink. boom! all right so up next is a little Interstitial category the Browns see these are more my speed.

I like a good brown lipstick I don’t know about all these pink ones. (T)I think the invisible hand of Sephora corporate development chose more pinks, okay Yeah, you just got to put up with it. I think the Browns might be a bit firmer Oh, yeah, I am on a roll right now no no as I say that I just cut one in half (T) you choked. I shouldn’t have said anything Oh, Oh that was pretty good there it is there she blows What are you gonna? Get out of here with your boba straw eew Put it put it in the pot damn it all right, so that’s the Browns check up next with purples Purple is a little bit of a loose definition here. I would call them purple slash berry lipsticks Yes, but this is our last big hurdle, and then we just have some fun ones left. Makeup Forever’s are impossible I don’t know. I just don’t think you’re stroking it quite right one thing I under-rated going into this is just how real the trash-talk would be Well you were trash-talking me from the beginning when you were behind the camera (T)you weren’t doing it right cut to compilation of Tyler mistakes (S) Cut to compilation of Tyler forgetting to sread in the first round did you sread that one Did you sread that one yes, I did This is the definition of swagger right here. I’m not gonna look. (S) I’m not gonna look either I’m just gonna look straight to the camera. (T) did that work? Nothing happened. (T)I was trying to call my shot. This is gonna be a Babe Ruth I’m gonna do a no-look around this one ready all right. No look perfect extraction oh That was pretty legit. Oh my god. I did that you walk away all right Yeah, all right, so Purple’s, CHECK! all right, so these are our last lipsticks that we have left We’ve got basically our oranges and our miscellaneous colors, which are kind of like white black blue gray and green Let’s do oranges first And then the strange ones last the oranges are impossible the oranges are so annoying. They’re a little pulpy if you know what I mean All right, let me see if I can’t at least get the last one out perfectly oh That’s nice smooth like an eel that’s what I am.

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The weird colors a little bit harder to predict. Yeah like all the grays I’ve gotten has been very soft, but all the blacks and blues have been very stiff, which is how I like them, okay? So we are finally on our very last lipstick. This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick in Insomniac which is fitting because we’re up pretty late right now. Yeah, oh What a way to end it. Why are we so excited about this really stupid skill? That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen okay So those are all of our lipsticks that took us about what three and a half hours to do so we are out of time here in the store So we’re gonna take our pot of lipsticks home with us and melt them in the morning And we’ll just figure out the freezer situation. Let’s go All right, so we’re back at our house in our kitchen with our giant pots full of lipstick So I’m gonna turn this hot plate on – it’s like highest setting and try and melt them all down into our final mega Franken Sephora formula this rolls off the tongue There is a sort of like critical mass of lipstick in there like there’s a lot of layers to melt through so if we have To assist it from the top we will alright So it’s been probably about an hour and there has been some progress with the melting But I think that we kind of need to help this along otherwise I’m just gonna have to leave this hot plate on overnight like a legitimate crock-pot So we’ve got a couple of things to assist in the melting process the first of which are hair driers.

All right Let’s see ready Oh, it’s moving Saf that’s melting oh Yeah, so the hairdryer kind of worked But I want to try something a little more powerful such as the blowtorch all right I’ve got my safety stuff on my goggles my gloves don’t do any Blowtorching without you know being safe and with that let’s begin oh yeah that one white one is like already like just completely Disintegrated when it starts smoking I start getting nervous I feel like the blowtorch is like the inside of Mount Doom and the Hairdryer is like the hot winds of Mordor all right I think we’ve done a decent amount of heating from the bottom and from the top So I’m gonna grab one of my spatulas and just start mixing it together And I think it like turning it over will help it melt completely through (T) it’s like a chunky stew yeah It’s like chilli so right now It’s starting to look pretty pinky you guys saw how many pinks really went into this but I know that there are some blues and Greens and blacks that are mixed in there that aren’t fully melted yet. You think we should whisk it You know that’s not a bad idea all right ready. Yeah, let’s go. Here’s the hand mixer OOOHH NOO What should we do all right ready oh? my god It’s bubbling That’s working Well, if there were any chunks left. I think they’re gone now Okay, so I think we’ve got all the chunks out And I think that some of the air bubbles have come out with the hairdryer I feel like this hot plate did a good job of like getting all the lipstick soft and ready to mix.

But I feel like it’s not quite keeping it hot enough to like keep it really liquid So I’m gonna try and put this on the burner. Oh huh The thing is like it might not evenly heat it, but I feel like it’ll keep it hotter So I’m just gonna try and get that as liquidy as possible And then we’ll get that ladle in there and start pouring it into the molds. Okay, so I’ve got my lipstick molds right here Yes, and your ladle. This is my double double toil and trouble ladle all right Let’s see careful careful very careful. Oh Yeah Well that left something to be desired I’m gonna try and do better we almost like need like a bigger ladle or something how much bigger ladles And they making that one I don’t know I don’t know if this is what they expected so I’m gonna fill up the other one and then I’m gonna put them both in the freezer all the Tragedy of last night is being redeemed in this rebirth there We go Franken lipstick in the freezer all right, so it’s been 10 minutes, so let’s see if they’re ready, okay so I’m gonna use this frosting spreader to get rid of the excess lipstick then I’m gonna open up the mold and Hopefully we’ll have our lipstick ready in there to be tubed tah-dah Oh my god, and there are our lipsticks so in the end our FrankenPhora concoction included 603 lipsticks from 20 different brands with 126 nudes 113 reds 132 pinks 57 Browns 120 purples 21 oranges and 34 unusual colors, they don’t all look perfect But they definitely look like lipsticks all right so basically I’m gonna put our Franken lipstick inside of the tube right now Do I press it in? they twist up and down. Yeah, it should twist up and down ready oh Yeah boom and out of those lipsticks, We made 500 tubes for you guys, so I guess about a hundred lipsticks boiled off or ended up on the pot or the cutting board Congratulations to me on birthing this lipstick now when we went back to the Sephora a couple of weeks later to grab snapshots of the brand headers I noticed two lipstick displays that were either new editions or that we had Accidentally missed in our first buying they total about 25 lipsticks and the color breakdown seems to be pretty similar to our general Statistics with the exception of this gold lipstick, so that’s my bad But the 603 that we got is close to every lipstick at the Sephora Or if those are new editions every lipstick at this Sephora alright ready for the lip swatch.

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Yes. Oh my god well That’s a hearty lipstick right there. This is the mega Franken-Sephora lipstick. It’s kind of crazy that it’s actually here It’s finally here. I like the color it is more reddish and pinkish than I would usually go. It’s a little festive It’s a little cranberryish it’s a little rhubarb. This is almost even like an orchid color I could go on and on so now that I have this and it’s on my face I’m gonna make and tube the rest of these and then tomorrow I’m gonna wear my tube all day long and see what happens. alright, so it’s a couple of days later And I’m finally ready to do my wear test of our Megafrankenphora lipstick so you guys have seen the sread Previously, so I think we can just put it straight on the mouth. Oh wow One-Swipe Sally is what I’m gonna call this. No. I’m not gonna Call it that but I could so that is applied I think the thing I like the most about this lipstick right off the bat is not only how pigmented It is but how like covered my mouth is Let’s take a look at the butt hole inner rim coverage while I say that besides that the formula feels pretty nice It’s definitely not like drying down to be like a matte lipstick at all it’s kind of hovering around that cream I wouldn’t call it like Shiny, but it’s got a sheen alright So it’s been about 30 minutes inside put this lipstick on and it’s still on so that’s good so our first test for our FrankenPhora lipstick is a straw test so I’m gonna get a nice big iced coffee with a large Straw that I’m gonna take a few sips, and see how this handles like a transfering challenge. You got someone you tooth already oh You’re right, so basically I’m just gonna drink this coffee that I so desperately need and then after I come back up for air We’ll check the straw and the lips I definitely see a big ol smudge on this side I think most traditional lipsticks are not transfer proof.

So there wasn’t like a really high chance that this would just be like perfectly non-transferable But I think the biggest question to me is how are my lips gonna look after like drinking this whole thing and also is this gonna start transferring around my face so I finished the whole coffee we were in the car for about an hour and a half There’s definitely a lot of lipstick on the straw and Tyler like had his hand like next to the cup holder So there’s like a little bit of lipstick on his shirt besides it transferring on to other things I haven’t noticed it like transferring around my face, and I will say that like from far away My lipstick still looks pretty good on my mouth alright, so next up for me and this lipstick Oh and Tyler, but mostly me in this lipstick is that we’re gonna eat some ice cream That’s just mustache okay there that one like incredibly dark hair, but there definitely is a mark of lipstick right here, too.

So I do think that after eating this ice cream. I’ve taken a bit of a hit in the lipstick area now I actually think the lipstick that’s left on my lip still looks decent I wouldn’t want to reapply yet But I definitely would want to like clean this up Okay, so it’s been about five and a half hours since I first applied the lipstick and I think at this point There is definitely still like lipstick left on my lips, but it is definitely like the last coat of it So we’re gonna grab dinner right now which may um Destroy this lipstick even more and then afterwards we’re gonna pop by Sephora And try and find it dupe all right so after all of our squatching at Sephora the two lipsticks that ended up being the closest Dupes for our Franken for lipstick are the NARS lipstick in the Afghan red and the Sephora lips stories in Golden Gate Actually in this lighting the NARS looks like the best dupe I think that there were a lot of lipsticks like in the same family, which makes sense But actually it was hard to find a lipstick That was as dusty as this one a lot of the purples and like plums were a bit more vibrant alright.

So we’ve reached the end of the day wearing our Franken for lipstick And I think it is sort of still on it kind of just feels like there’s like a thin Coating of pink left over from what I applied at the beginning of the day That said it feels pretty nice on my lips I don’t feel too dry but I also don’t feel like it’s a balm like it does feel like a Full-bodied lipstick so as to what we should name our FrankenPhora creation I actually thought that that would be a great thing to do for the giveaway So I was thinking that the rules for the giveaways should be basically that you just have to be commentd to this blog and also That you have to leave a comment down below as to your Suggestion for the name of this FrankenPhora lipstick and will basically go through and pick winners based on your name Suggestion a couple of disclaimers we did use a little bit of almond oil and also Latex gloves when removing these lipsticks from the molds and also just because of shipping costs We’re gonna have to limit the giveaway to commentrs who live in North America So I’m sorry about that. so make sure to leave your suggestion for the FrankenPhora name down below and once again a big THANK YOU to Quidd for making this entire post Possible I don’t know if they knew what they were bringing into the world when they agreed to this So thank you guys so much for reading if you liked that post make sure to SHMASH that like button and if you want to See more posts like this to SHMASH that comment button a big shout-out to Sallison for reading Thanks for reading Sallison, and I will see you guys a next time.

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