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Try a solid perfume to save on liquids. BOM Jasmine & Coconut Marula Solid Perfume,

R145 for 10g, is worth trawling the web for.

Keep skin hydrated with ease during a flight try Nimue Vitamin C Moisture Mist, R170 for 60ml; or Bobbi Brown Face Mist, R350 for 100ml, with green tea, camomile, and cucumber.

The perfect holiday set: Soil Aromatherapy Happy Holiday Starter Kit, R200, contains six different oils that can be used to moisturise your body, nourish your hair, and even soothe insect bites. Can’t travel without them!

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Town got even smaller. I felt like everyone was gossiping and sniggering behind my back. I carried that feeling of not being good enough, of being judged, for a long time, and our dreams of moving to Wellington took a back seat. But other people is doubts and judgement also created a fire in our bellies we were determined we would prove them wrong and make something of our lives, and our baby’s. Mum was ever practical, Dad was supportive but disappointed and didn not get involved. For a time during the pregnancy I moved in with Mum is sister. Aunty Pet, Uncle Paul and their son Devon are really special to me. Devon was always like a brother to us girls, and Pet and Paul looked after us and Mum a lot when Dad left. When I found myself pregnant and needing somewhere to live close to Yarrows, where I was still working, they took me in and looked after me so well. Jason was living in New Plymouth, doing a building apprenticeship with his Dad to try to get on the career ladder to provide for us, and he then spent some time in Palmerston North.

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