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This section clearly outlines how you can identify your dosha or body type. Dosha means that which tends to go out of balance easily. Your dosha is in fact your bio-type or prakruti (nature). You are made up of a mixture of the five elements – ether wind, fire, water and earth, and will display certain recognizable characteristics depending on your personality and nature.

As well as your prakruti, you may also have a vikruti, which is your current state of mental or physical health. Little girl bob haircuts This develops throughout your life and may actually differ from your prakruti. It is important that you treat your vikruti first (how you are now), Ihen go back to living with your prakruti. For example, you may have developed arthritis or back trouble over a long period, or you may be suffering from a cold or skin rash which lasts a few days. Once you have have cleared your condition, maintain your prakruti using a preventative treatment, such as diet, massage, oils, colours and scents.

Levels of vata increase in the autumn when the weather is changeable. Surrounding yourself with flowers helps you relax.

Apart from the three single doshas, there are four combinations, making a total of seven differing constitutional types: vata, pitta, kapha, vata/pitta (or pitta/vata), pitta/kapha (or kapha/pitta), kapha/vata (or vata/kapha), and vata/pitta/kapha. These may be either out of balance or in a state of balance.

To discover your prakruti and vikruti, answer the questionnaire twice. Also ask other people who know you well to fill out the questionnaire for you, to give you as clear a picture of yourself as possible. The first time you fill out the questionnaire, you should concentrate upon your current condition – your vikruti – recording your answers based upon your present and recent health history.

You can discover your prakruti by answering the questionnaire a second time, this time with answers based upon your entire lifetime. Fill out the questionnaire with your complete history in mind. This will give you a better idea about the difference between your vikruti and your prakruti. Once the answers to the questionnaire have revealed both your vikruti and your prakruti (they may be the same, which is fine), the information here can be used to treat both. Follow whichever dosha scores most highly (vata, pitta or kapha).

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