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The changes in the texture of your skin depend on a lot of factors like ageing, weather, stress, and of course the product application. The anti-ageing products usually have rich/heavy textures and should be chosen wisely. If you have started feeling that they are making your skin greasy then you should immediately stop using them and switch to a lighter texture. Otherwise, it could block the pores and, eventually, there would be breakouts. Instead of a cream try emulsions or a serum. QIs there such a thing as too much exfoliation? How often should I exfoliate my skin and what is the best way to do it? A Dear Drishti, exfoliation is a process of removing the dead skin cells from the skin. Little girl curly haircut It helps in removing light tan and smoothening the skin. The skin rejuvenates and it appears more healthy after exfoliation. There are various methods of exfoliating the skin like mechanical (manual scrubs), ultrasonic or Microderma Abrasion and through chemical peeling. At home you can use mild scrubs once or twice a week depending on your skin type. You can use homemade scrubs with oats, dried and powdered orange/pomegranate peels mixed with honey. Scrubs are also available over the counter. Exfoliation shouldn’t be over-done as it may make the skin sensitive. It is important to moisturise and protect the skin well after you moisturise. MDA & chemical peels should only be done at skin clinics or aesthetic centres. The views and recommendations expressed on this page belong to the expert quoted and do not reflect those of ha magazine.

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