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The fourth section of this chapter offers a variety of oils, creams and balms to smooth and soften your skin, Little girl curly haircuts replacing lost oils and moisture. Some form of body emollient is often desirable to use after bathing, exposure to sun or wind or whenever your skin is feeling dry, depleted or irritated.

The fifth section offers formulas for some gentler, more natural liquid and powdered alternatives to the harsh chemical deodorants available on the commercial market.

In the final section you will find formulas and treatments for sore muscles, achy bones and frazzled nerves.

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I also had a group of amazing regional leaders, who were all Motivate Me members and volunteered their time to help the business grow in their local community as well as set up events and catch-ups for their local members. Broni Carey, Angela Moylan, Linda Perkins, Audrey Nelson, Deanne Hockly, Kylie Bulling and Cindy Morrow were just some of my committed team that all made such a significant impact on the success of Motivate Me. At the time Motivate Me launched, I was still working full-time for DTR, looking after twelve stores across the North Island, and I was running Motivate Me before and after my day job literally. I would spend time in the early morning responding to posts, replying to emails and processing orders. After work I would be back at it again, as well as making dinner, fitting in exercise myself, and spending time with my husband and kids. I would usually be awake until midnight catching up on everything. I was lucky that Jason was happy to pick up in areas that I couldn not get to, and that Gabe, a teenager by then, helped out with jobs around the house. A fun shoot I did with Moochi clothing. Photos from my first ever shoot for Motivate Me, in 2012. One of many massive group shots I have of amazing MMNZ members.

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