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Ruta graveolens Sepia officinalis Silicea

Ruta, or rue, is a much valued, highly attractive garden plant with blue-green leaves. Little girl haircuts with bangs It is also an ancient herbal remedy that has been often called the herb of grace. It acts particularly well on the joints, tendons, cartilages and periosteum (the membrane that covers the bones). It also has an affinity with the eyes.

Bruises to the bones.

Strains to the joints and connecting tissue, especially to the ankles and wrists. The symptoms are worse for cold and damp and better for warmth.

Sepia is a remedy prepared from the ink of the squid or cuttlefish. Normally its use should be left to the professional homeopath as it has a big picture (i.e. it can be used in many circumstances), but because of its affinity with the female reproductive system it can be helpful in some menstrual problems.

Suits tired, depressed, emotionally withdrawn people.

Morning sickness in pregnancy, which is worse for the smell of food.

Hot flushes during the menopause.

Silica is a mineral derived from flint. It is one of the 12 tissue salts, and its presence in the body aids the vital elimination of toxins. It can be used acutely in septic (infected) conditions to strengthen the body’s resistance to continual infection, and also to help expel any foreign bodies such as splinters.

Suitable for symptoms that are slow to heal, or for people who feel the cold, or who lack stamina or vitality.

Small-scale infections that seem to be turning septic rather than healing.

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