Little girl haircuts with curly hair

Use shampoo for scalp type, conditioner for shaft condition. You are dealing with two totally different surfaces, skin and hair. There is no such thing as ‘oily hair’. The oil from your scalp ‘leaks’ onto your hair… which is actually ‘dry’. With all the things we expose our hair to…coloring, heat appliances, styling, etc. the shaft becomes DRY while the scalp can be OILY. With that said, ‘shampoo the scalp, condition the hair’….do not put one on the other. Example, you have an oily scalp. A suggestion would be to use a volumizing shampoo on the scalp ONLY (volumizing shampoos do not have oils in them), and a moisturizing conditioner on the rest. Don’t think you have to buy the matching conditioner to your shampoo…remember, you’re treating two different surfaces.

Do use sulfate-free products. Visualize salt dissolving snow on the road, get the picture? Product I like: Joico Sulfate-free Color Endure. Redken also has a great sulfate-free line.

Apply argon oil (argon oil actually absorbs into hair rather than sitt’ng on top of it) at least 30 minutes before washing. Absorbs into hair and acts as a shield to prevent color fading. Also apply before going out in the sun, controls fading dramatically. Product I like: MoroccanOil Oil Treatment

Is your scalp and/or hair naturally dry and coarse? Cut out shampoo altogether and just use conditioner. Yep, you read it right. I’ve seen it work wonders. One of my clients has been doing this for over a decade, and I promise, it never looks, or feels, ‘dirty’. The conditioner absorbs oils, sweat, etc. and gets washed away.

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